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The Faceles Masses [Orvar All-In Combo][PRIMER]

Commander / EDH* Buyback Clone Combo Control Island Mono-Blue Shapeshifter



Primer being constructed over time. #38 and going up!

  • You like making copies of your permanents, but don't want to play clone spells.
  • You like the idea of making non-infinite but larger than the number of atoms in the universe copies of your commander and your other permanents. You can also make infinite if you want to.
  • You like to make weird infinite combos involving land tokens.
  • You like to take bad cards and maximize their value with a niche commander.
  • Land based mana ramping in Blue makes you giggle.
  • You want a deck where your commander is truly integral to the deck's function.
  • You want to punch your opponents in the face with many, many copies of your commander.
  • You want a competitive (cEDH) blue deck.
  • You want very effective but boring and wide-spread combos (I'm looking at you Dramatic Scepter and Monolith/Power Artifact, etc.).
  • You want a non-commander-centric deck, or a deck where you bring out your commander as a finisher.
  • You want a deck that functions without access to it's commander.

Anyone can makes a lot of clones (and we can too), but the core of the deck as I see it is Orvar’s ability to make cheap cantrips into board building spells. An example of how to play the deck? 1. You get out your commander. This is first and foremost forever. 2. You cast cheap spells that target your permanents, and get a token copy. Twiddle now reads "Make a token copy of one of your lands, and then untap one land. Cost . 3. Copy key permanents and draw cards to keep your engine going, and then eventually overwhelm your opponents with the slowly increasing value.

- Mill your opponents out: card:Ruins Crab and Halimar Excavator are the engine here, either for mass landfall or mass creature cloning, depending on what you have in your hand. - Exile your opponents libraries: Mindreaver is the card for this. The best thing is that both the heroic trigger and the Orvar, the All-Form trigger are cast triggers, and so very hard for your opponents to counter effectively, because as soon as you target him, there’s a trigger on the stack to exile three cards and make a copy of him. - Exponential or infinite attackers: Use non-legendary or legendary rule skipping copies of your commander to make progressively more Orvar, the All-Form 's into play.
Using Spark Double , Sakashima of a Thousand Faces , or Helm of the Host you make a non-legendary copy of your commander. You cast any spell to target that copy (Triggering Orvar, the All-Form ), and get N copies of Orvar, the All-Form , where N is how many you currently have.

So, simple math: 2 copies to start (1 Legendary 1 non-Legendary) - 1 Spell: 3 copies - 2 Spells: +2 = 5 copies - 3 Spells: +4 = 9 copies - 4 Spells: +8 = 17 copies - etc... - 9 Spells: = 257 copies, which should be enough to finish any normal game.

Alternatively, once you have a 3 or 4 Orvar, the All-Form 's, paying to make 4 copies of your permanents (or with Artisan of Forms etc., other people's critters) you should quickly out value your opponents boards.

All of these assume Orvar, the All-Form is on the board. Remember, because it's a cast trigger, it resolves before the spell does.

I'll be adding to these as I see which ones hash out as truly game altering. Synergies! Mystic Sanctuary is an MVP, this + any two cantrip spells you can cast for 1 (before or after cost reduction) means you create infinite Mystic Sanctuary 's. With a 2nd Orvar, the All-Form this also means draw your whole deck. Also infinite landfalls at instant speed. Why hello Ruin Crab . card:Mirrage Mirror lets you copy your opponents permanents, and at end of turn it reverts and can turn into whatever else useful comes on the board.

Combo’s 4, 5, 6, or 7 Orvar, the All-Form copies + a buyback spell = Infinite mana + infinite copies of whatever’s on your board, at instant speed. This depends on which buyback spells your using. If the cost + buyback is 3 (such as Whim of Volrath , you need 4 Orvar, the All-Form ’s to net a land each time. This can be infinite attackers, infinite mill, or what have you based on your and your opponents board state. If you have cost reducers on board, you can reduce the amount of Orvar, the All-Form you need by 1 per cost reducer.

2 / 3 cost reducers + Whim of Volrath / Clockspinning = Infinite landfall now, and infinite mana on your next untap step. This also works with Capsize and Mind Games , but requires at least 1 Caged Sun .

1-4 Caged Sun + Buyback spells = Infinite mana, landfall, copies, etc.

This is a work in progress, I'll be adding more as testing continues.

Please Upvote if you like this design! Also, I'd love your feedback on ways to improve the deck! I know I need to fit in counters and such, but that takes away from the more fun stuff!


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