Hail the dragons of Kamigawa! The dragons of Kamigawa offer a style of play that suits me as a tribal player, but also leveraging value, or combing out a win. This deck is an aristocratic deck that focuses on searching for the dragons, and abuse their death triggers. The commander is of course the new and shiny Kyodai, Soul of Kamigawa. I like this card for a lot of reason. 1. The art, just gorgeous. 2. The flavor behind her. 3. Her flash and indestructible ability. 4. Big dragon gonna smack you. But, with all that out of the way, please look at the different sections of the deck.

Mana Ramp is tricky with this deck. It has to be set up mainly through green sorcery to search for basics, and get them out as fast as possible. One beneficial fixer of mana is of course Dryad of the Ilysian Grove. This guy right here helps fix the mana by making all the basics every type of basic. This is increasingly useful because all the dragons have multiple mana costs such as Atsushi, the Blazing Sky is 2 colorless and 2 red. Another wonderful thing to have are treasures. We all know what they do, but if you forgot, you tap the treasure, and make one mana of any color. This helps significantly thanks to something’s like Smothering Tithe or Pitiless Plunderer.
Everyone knows you need card draw in Magic, especially in commander in order to find your key pieces. Tutors help more in order to find the pieces we need then and now to complete a combo. Staples include Rhystic Study, Guardian Project and Return of the Wildspeaker. Aristocratic staples of card draw are Moldervine Reclamation, Grim Haruspex, Village Rites and a new favorite of mine, Plumb the Forbidden. These card draw abilities focus around a couple things. The first set is around gaining value from our existing things that we want to keep on the field, or like in the second grouping, cards that we want to get rid of. Note, that if we sacrifice creatures we trigger Pitiless Plunderer ti agin more treasure tokens.
Spot and board removals are great to help interrupt our opponents, and keep our own pieces safe from other interactions. Since the deck is in 5 colors, this deck has access to the best removal spells from Anguished Unmaking and Beast Within or Generous Gift to mass removal like Cyclonic Riff and Vandalblast. You can switch whatever you prefer for your playgroup, but in mine I particularly I like straight up permanent removal. Yes there is Krosan Grip. What can I say, I have fond memories of it.
Ok, just hear me out. Are there some dragons that are more optimal over the others? Yes. Can I probably take them out, and then focus on more powerful cards for better interaction? Yes. Would it keep on theme of this deck being titled “The Dragons of Kamigawa” if I took any out? No. So they all stay.
Why make this deck an aristocratic deck with Kyodai, Soul of Kamigawa as the commander? He does nothing to help an aristocratic style deck. And to that I say good sir or ma’am, WRONG. Aristocrat decks need to have their key creatures or enchantments out in order to play and function. The ability to flash Kyodai out in order to protect Yomiji, Who Bars the Way especially if you do not have Heroic Intervention out, is a big deal. No this doesn’t provide hexproof or shroud, but indestructible is still a powerful effect, and it lasts as long as Kyodai is out.

So, aristocratic decks are fun, and interactive with everyone. You sacrifice creatures like Reassembling Skeleton, and then your opponents lose 1 life and you gain 1 life is getting everyone interacting with each other. Or a fun lovely card like Dictate of Erbos, or if you’re feeling spicy, you can put an Altar of Dementia in the deck to mill your opponents out. That’ll really get everyone going. But, honestly aristocrat style decks can be done in many ways. This deck list is just trying to show and highlight some of the staples in the theme. Especially since it is 5 color there is a wide range and variety of what you can get.

Here is where things get a little tricky. The combos go a bit out there as far as getting the pieces and making sure they come out at the right time. So, that is why this deck has many removal spells, to help stall the game out a bit longer. Let’s go over each combo for the deck.
So, how this combo works, it functions around having Yomiji, Who Bars the Way on the field, then have any dragon you wish to have, and Deathrender must be attached to it. Finally you can have any altar, but for the sake of the title of this section I’m going with Ashnod's Altar. The combo works like this, first sacrifice the Kamigawa dragon to the altar. This will create four different triggers. Holding priority allow the altar to resolve gaining two colorless mana. Following that resolve In this order Yomiji > dragon > Deathrender. So when the dragon dies and goes to the graveyard, it goes back to your hand, but as it dies it’s ability triggers. Finally once the dragon is back in your hand, allow Deathrender to trigger. You can then put that dragon onto the field, and gain two colorless mana each time. This is powerful for many reasons. 1. It doesn’t require the dragon to be specific. 2. You can swap the altar out for other sac outlets as well. 3. You can win off of this combo is you have pieces like Altar of Dementia or Junji, the Midnight Sky. This combo can fit you. The only things that are a must is Yomiji, Who Bars the Way and Deathrender
Speaking of Junji,the Midnight Sky, this lovely combo works around him. So, one piece in particular can be swapped out for others. Such cards can be Viscera Seer, and altars. Personally, I would prefer the scry, so go with the Woe Strider or Viscera Seer. How does the combo work you ask? Well let me show you. First, you gotta have all the pieces on the field. Then, sacrifice Phyrexian Delver gaining two life thanks to Proper Burial. Then you sacrifice Junji. Two triggers will happen here, first resolve Proper Burial to gain five life. Then resolve Junji, so you loose two life, then bring back Phyrexian Delver. The next step is to bring back Junji and loosing five life. So, we go even for life gain and life loss, we get to scry, and have infinite death and ETB triggers. So having let’s say a Cruel Celebrant well your opponents will die.
Now for this combo there are no pieces that be swapped out for others. You need all these pieces on the field, but you don’t need to have Nim Deathmantle attached to Atsushi, the Blazing Sky. How this combo works is, you sacrifice Atsushi to Ashnod’s Altar creating three treasure tokens, and two colorless mana. As you do that Nim Deathmantle will trigger. Then you tap and sacrifice two of the treasure tokens and use the two colorless from Ashnod’s Altar to bring Atsushi back, and attached to the Deathmantle. This will net you 1 treasure. Then you can go infinite, but let’s say we do that enough to create 1,000,000 tokens. Finally do the same thing enough times to be able to exile your cards from your library to play everything, and one would hope you can win with your ENTIRE DECK on the field. So, this combo is fun stuff
In conclusion, this deck can be tuned up for sure, and giving priority to the best Kamigawa dragons, and better aristocrat staples. But this is my deck, and I want to have a bit of jank in it. So, I hope you enjoyed this, and hope to see other lists like this one.


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