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The Draconian Fleet conquers the Pod

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In the beginning, I just wanted to be a simple mono red "lathliss the dragon queen" aggro player. I desired to cast hoards of dragons, grow a fleet of them, watch them soar through the skies, and bonk my opponent in the face. That was my Funtime plan, but my playgroup said, "no." This wasn't conveyed through words but through actions. A summary of my play experience? I've been counter-spelled, exiled, and board wiped. I've had half my library removed from the game and my commander stolen with no way to get her back. I've had my lands annihilated, & my mana artifacts wiped. I do not desire to live a life of being controlled. It's not fun when I sit there watching them pop off turn 4 playing solitaire, running away with the game. Oh the times when they start chaining 4 extra turn effects one after the other! I am much too poor to afford a good stax deck to control my opponents, and at heart I still want to play with dragons. My solution? Talrand the sky summoner. Through him, my draconic fleet may soar through the skies once more! Now, it is my turn to say, "no."

My research has lead me to multiple sites, youtubers and experts here on tapped out. Shout outs to EDHRec.com for statistics. Shout outs to the youtubers EDHRECast, Nitpicking Nerds and The Commander's Quarters for a wide variety of ideas. Finally, shoutouts to 0rc, Unenlightened, and irish_trunks for all of the work done, card recommendations, ideas and deck balancing!


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