Hey! Do you you have that one friend or acquaintance that’s runs a bitch ass esper control deck and you just wanna stick it to em? You wanna make the game an hour longer? Well now you can!

This is what I'm actively running

Tight on cash? Here's the budget versions!

$100: The Chaotic Coward ($100)

$60: The Chaotic Coward

(I swear these were cheaper but prices keep rising out of control)

!. Chaos Warp + Radiate = Warp World

2. Mana Clash + Radiate = "Lets just flip coins until we die! Hope I got my Krark's Thumb !"

3. Omen Machine + Magus of the Wheel = "Fuck your hands!"

4. Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle + Myriad Landscape + 5 Mountain s = 6 DMG creature removel without casting spells (Yes, it's importent!)

5. Norin the Wary + Genesis Chamber + Impact Tremors + Dictate of the Twin Gods = 4DMG ON EACH TURN

Turn 1: Mountain- Sol Ring - Fire Diamond

Turn 2: Mountain-Tap Sol Ring for Krark's Thumb then Tap the 2 Mountains and Fire Diamond to cast Game of Chaos (25% chance to eat shit)


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