Say hello to the C(Counters)-Team.

This is my budget white weenie deck. The point is to keep giving the creatures +1/+1 counters. The payoff for this besides, besides bigger creatures is Abzan Falconer.

As you can see almost every creature in this deck is capable of giving itself a +1/+1 counter in one way or another. The only exceptions are Mirror Entity, Thalia, Heretic Cathar and Aegis of the Gods in the sideboard. In the case of Thalia's Lieutenant, even give other creatures counters. The deck gets counters in six ways:
Thalia's Lieutenant and Champion of the Parish benefit from this decks Human tribal theme. The Champion will often become huge if played early and while the Lieutenant is usually just a team pump, it can also become huge
Consul's Lieutenant is the only card with renown, which is the hardest way to get a counter. however the payoff of boosting the entire team is worth it.
Hada Freeblade and Kazandu Blademaster (and Mirror Entity) are the only allies in the deck. This is because they are played more because the enter with a +1/+1 counter than for their ally synergy. However, it is not at all uncommon for you to get out more than one of them.
Abzan Falconer is the decks payoff for the counter strategy. While outlast is definitely a little slow for an aggro deck, because we really don't want them to die it is okay to hold them back and just activate their outlast ability.
Tezzeret's Gambit is our only proliferate card. Unfortunately most proliferate is either in other colors, to slow, or not human. Luckily Tezzet's gambit can be played for just because of . The proliferate alone is great. However, the card draw helps the deck keep its momentum as the game goes long.
Ajani, Caller of the Pride is the last counter provider of the team. His +1 will give a counter to a creature that might be missing one, or just make one creature bigger of course. His -3 is very useful to sneak in a big hit. Finally his ult is basically game-winning, but it is very uncommon to get to that point.
While Mirror Entity may not be able to place +1/+1 counters on himself he is still a valuable member of this team. Because It's a changleling it is both a Human and an Ally which are always nice to have more of. Additionally Mirror Entity provides this deck with the mana sink it sorely needed. Lastly, its activated ability is great for breaking board stalls or closing out games; which only gets better when all of our creatures also have +1/+1 counters!
No team can win without a little help from their non-creature comrades. So lets see what we got.
Brave the Elements and Emerge Unscathed serve double duty in this deck. The both protect the team and/or make them usually unblockable for our opponent. Brave the Elements also works great against red wraths like Anger of the Gods. Additionally, a Emerge Unscathed can be used to protect your creature on your opponents turn and make any member of the team unblockable on your turn.
I choose On Thin Ice as my removal for this deck as it is a budget build. While this does necessitate a snow mana base it is absolutely worth it. Being only one mana makes it huge differance in a deck like this. Journey to Nowhere could also work. This can be upgraded to Path to Exile if you have the money. Additionally, I play one Oblivion Ring as an emergency any target removal.
While Immortal Servitude may be a one of, but it's ability to win the late game by returning our creatures to the field is invaluable. Not to mention the amount of ETB triggers that will go off.
Because of On Thin Ice we need mostly Snow-Covered Plains. However I couldn't pass up Shefet Dunes. This card is great for closing out the game, breaking through a wall of blockers, or even just help your team to survive blocking. Again if you have the money feel free to upgrade, but I wouldn't recommend to many colorless lands as this deck uses mostly colored mana.
The sideboard for this deck is very tuned to my local meta. However, I believe that the cards I've chosen will still be efective. Fragmentize is a great budget option for artifact/enchantment removal as it destroys most things you'll come across. Unbreakable Formation is here to stop board wipes/targeted removal as well as to act as a mini-overrun. Even though you'll need to leave up all the time it's better than getting wrathed. Exile effects are still a problem but, we are already playing protection cards which are the best defense against targeted exile. True Believer protects from burn, discard, edicts and any other nasty targeted effects. Nevermore is here mostly to stop combo strategies or ramp payoffs. Oblivion Ring is here for either additional removal or to be a more flexible On Thin Ice. Apostle of Purifying Light fills the role of graveyard hate, and the protection from black can also be very useful.Thalia, Heretic Cathar helps in alot of ways. She hoses Haste creatures, gets rid of blockers temporarily, and can slow down our opponents mana base. Lastly, Grafdigger's Cage interupts a wide variety of decks and usually slows the opponent down enough for us to win.

Thanks for checking out my deck. Suggestions are more than appreciated. If you really liked it then please upvote!


Updates Add

-3 Emerge Unscathed -3 Tezzeret's Gambit -3 Unbreakable Formation -2 Consul's Lieutenant -2 Fragmentize -1 Immortal Servitude

+4 Charming Prince +3 Faith's Shield +2 Mirran Crusader's +2 Return to the Ranks +1 Sorcerous Spyglass +1 Worship +1 Snow-Covered Plains

So here we go Testing this deck I realized that this deck needed two things. ONE: More creatures as apposed to non-creature spells. TWO: More consistent land drops.

So I set about achieving that (warning this is a long one).

Cards being removed:

-[Emerge Unscathed] is good, but kamarupa has shown me that Faith's shield is the way to go

-[Tezzeret's Gambit] was a painful cut. It does everything I could ask it to. Unfortunately at 3 mana and not being a real creature meant that it needed to go. -[Unbreakable Formation] was just bad. I never could leave up enough mana to effectively use it and it simply was to situational.

-[Consul's Lieutenant] has always just been a necessary evil to me. Now I finally have a reason to cut it.

-[Fragmentize] was cheap and effective however it was to limited in the things it could effect for it to be effective enough.

-[Immortal Servitude] was good at the recursion it provided however by requiring at least 4 mana it was not as reliable as I would have liked.

What's being Added:

+[Charming Prince] is the card I have been waiting for. A cheap creature that does everything I could want. Low on life, here's some life. Need Creatures/Lands well let me help with that. Want some bigger creatures let e blink that Thalia's Lieutenant for ya. I eagerly await this card as I really think that it is what this deck has needed.

+[Faith's Shield] kamarupa has convinced me that this is the way to go. It's ability to protect not just our creatures, but the removal as well is very useful. The fateful hour is joust amazing two it basically gives you 1 free turn to do either not die or to attack with reckless abandon.

+[Mirran Crusader] hoses black and green decks (sometimes burn too) it's simple, but it gets the job done.

+[Return to the Ranks] this deck struggles with wraths, which is why I played Immortal servitude. However, this deck also struggles with mana so I turned to a more mana conservative option.

+[Sorcerous Spyglass] I found that this deck struggles against UW control. So I wanted a card that would slow them down a bit.

+[Worship] a good catch all card. At 4-mana this card certainly asks a lot but its effect is just to good to pass up.

+[Snow-Covered Plains] Lastly we have a minor change, but a neccessary one. This deck need 2 mana on turn 2, and 3 mana by turn 4. Without that the deck fails. So while this deck doesn't like flooding it will survive.

Thanks for reading!


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