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The Brainslap - Type 4 Stack Limited Infinity Cube

Unknown* Battlecruiser Budget Casual Infinite Combo Multiplayer Theme/Gimmick


Removal (101)

Counterspell (67)

Pump (6)

Extra Turn (1)

Win (75)

Draw (67)

CopyAndSteal (23)

Auto Meld (2)

BrainSlap (45)

Engine (48)

Free Spell (46)

Recursion (45)

Overloaded (71)

Piles (19)

This is my Type Four Stack

Its the greatest variant format of all time. Because I said so. Just try it, you'll see for yourself.

The Brainslap

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  1. You have Infinite mana all the time.

  2. Every player may only cast one Normal Spell during each player's turn.

  3. If two activated abilities would conflict infinite times, the defensive ability wins.

  4. You "have" all 5 basic land types in play all the time for things like landwalk, but they cannot be awakened, sacrificed, destroyed, or used in any way.

  5. Most of the spells, effects, and abilities that cast with an alternate casting cost are Free Spells, and do not count as the Normal Spell for the turn.

  6. We play with a shared library but separate graveyards. (House rule)

  7. No limit on hand size. (House rule)

  8. Otherwise it's normal Magic. I like using 20 life points even if there are 3+ players because it makes for faster (& more) games.

A. Cards with alternate casting costs on them.

B. Alternate casting cost enablers allow Normal spells to be Free.

C. Spells that are designed to give Protection from Counterspells, Flash, and/or Flashback to the next spell cast, are Free Spells so they can function as intended.

D. Copies of spells created by other cards.

E. Spells that get cast by other ones.

  • Bestow
  • Bloodrush
  • Cascade triggers
  • Channel
  • Cycling
  • Dash
  • Emerge
  • Evoke
  • Flashbacking a spell
  • Miracle casting a spell when drawn
  • Ninjutsu
  • Rebound copies
  • Recovering a spell
  • Replicate copies
  • Retracing a spell
  • Suspending or resolving a Suspended spell
  • Traps (if its conditions are met)
  • Unearthing a creature
  • Awaken
  • Convoke
  • Delve
  • Overload
  • Playing a Morph

I didn't invent the idea for this format, it is a variant that I discovered at a tournament one day. However since there wasn't an official version of the rules for this variant anywhere else that I could find, I decided to try and make it myself.

I have not yet actually taken the time to draft with it... we always just grab some of the stack and randomly deal 'em out. It's great for super fast pickup games between rounds at events with random people. I'm sure drafting it would be a much different experience.

I'm also not using only singletons. I chose a few cards to "overload" on and I feel like they give the deck character and also create interesting decisions in the gameplay.

  • I put in a bunch of copies each of Brainstorm and Memory Lapse because with the shared library rule those cards do something completely different and it's awesome.

  • I also have a bunch of extra Fact or Fiction, Steam Augury and Fortune's Favor in there because I like the pile mini-game thing.

  • After pillaging it so much to build edh decks I felt it needed some more epic threats so I tossed in abunch of extra Artisan of Kozilek.

  • AEtherling has been cut for being too good, there are almost no answers for it.

  • If you want to help I am looking for fun card suggestions that are cheap on the wallet!! Thanks :)

If you love this format please leave a comment or a +1

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