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The Bosh Pit(Bosh, Iron Golem EDH)

Commander / EDH Artifact Combo Mono-Red Ramp


This deck has its name for three reasons: 1. It's full of heavy metal 2. Everything is constantly jumping around between battlefield and graveyard. 3. You never know whose gonna get punched in the face. Seriously though, this deck is a big mana artifacts deck that fosters a multitude of different win conditions. I've constructed the deck in such a way that when we are building towards one plan we are gaining the resources needed to pivot to a different line in case our opponents stonewall us. All of the combo pieces synergize with what the deck wants to do independent of their combo potential. Our first plan is to have a ton of expendable artifacts in play then fling those with Bosh for devastating amounts of damage at our opponent's faces or at problem creatures if the need arises. If that doesn't come together we can easily turn to one of our many infinite mana combos that will simply end the game on the spot! For an in-depth analysis of this deck click here: The points in the article are a tad out of date, the deck has been modified since then however the key points still hold true. https://mysticalteachingsmtg.com/2019/02/03/boshs-big-bash/


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