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This is the version of the The Ultimate Budget Way to Troll EVERYONE with no flavor, just does the main combo as efficiently and cheaply as possible. I also removed all the jokes, because I can't call this a boring deck if I make jokes

Note: This deck might look more expensive, but that is because of Demonic Tutor, Vampiric Tutor, and Personal Tutor


You will also notice a bunch of cards that aren't mentioned in the instruction. Those are tutors or lands.

Combo requirements:

Make sure you have the mana to complete each of the 3 steps below. You also need to be able to use Treasure Hunter to recur Codex Shredder, Mirror of Fate and any card that lets you draw.

1 Exile all lands from your deck (Mana Severance or Trench Gorger ).

2 Mill your entire library ( Balustrade Spy or Undercity Informer )

3 Get Angel of Glory's Rise onto the battlefield (manual cast, Unburial Rites, Dread Return + Lingering Souls + Narcomoeba )

As Angel of Glory's Rise enters the battlefield, you're going to return all the Human creatures in your graveyard to the battlefield. While there are many, the important ones are as follows: Fiend Hunter, Cartel Aristocrat, Treasure Hunter .

Use Treasure Hunter to add Lotus Petal to your hand, and sacrifice it for mana.

Use Cartel Aristocrat to sacrifice Treasure Hunter , then sacrifice Fiend Hunter.

When Fiend Hunter dies, his ability goes on the stack, returning Angel of Glory's Rise to the battlefield. Then Angel of Glory's Rise returns both Fiend Hunter and Treasure Hunter to the battlefield; recurring Lotus Petal and eventually generating infinite rainbow mana.

Recur and cast the following artifacts using the Treasure Hunter technique mentioned above: Mirror of Fate , Rishadan Pawnshop , Codex Shredder, Tormod's Crypt, Ugin's Nexus, Memnarch, Glaring Spotlight, and Vedalken Orrery.

Use Codex Shredder to retrieve Fated Infatuation and recur it with the combo.

Use Memnarch and your infinite rainbow mana to steal all of your opponent's permanents.

Use Codex Shredder to retrieve and cast Lullmage Mentor , and recur it again with Treasure Hunter .

Use Fated Infatuation on Lullmage Mentor at least 6 times, recurring the instant with Codex Shredder.

Animate Ugin's Nexus with Sydri, Galvanic Genius. Cast Fated Infatuation targeting Ugin's Nexus. The moment the token comes into play, sacrifice it via legend rule, then use Rishadan Pawnshop to shuffle the original into your deck.

If Lingering Souls is in your graveyard, exile it via flashback.

Fated Infatuation + Rishadan Pawnshop + Ugin's Nexus will allow you to take infinite turns. Be extremely careful to make sure that no turn ends with Ugin's Nexus sitting on the board, because this will immediately remove all extra turns.

When you end your turn and take another, you will draw Ugin's Nexus. You need to cast it and use the combo to keep it in your deck so you have a card to draw.


From here, you represent the ability to take infinite turns (Fated Infatuation + Rishadan Pawnshop + Ugin's Nexus ), and you can produce infinite mana spent as though it were mana of any color by infinitely recurring and sacrificing Lotus Petal. You can also retrieve any exiled card using Mind Spring + Mirror of Fate .

Ultimate Technique

Using the Angel of Glory's Rise/Fiend Hunter/Cartel Aristocrat, have Codex Shredder grab Fated Infatuation, Death Wish, Worst Fears , Congregate , Volrath's Dungeon , and Curse of Echoes .

Cast Volrath's Dungeon .

Use Sydri, Galvanic Genius to animate Rishadan Pawnshop , and use your infinite mana and instant recursion to use Fated Infatuation on your pawnshop a massive number of times.

Use Rishadan Pawnshop to return all permanents your opponent controls to their decks.

Use Treasure Hunter to put Codex Shredder into your hand and immediately discard it to Volrath's Dungeon , repeating this process until all of your opponents' hands are in their libraries. While you do this, Worst Fears every opponent, recurring Worst Fears with Mind Spring + Mirror of Fate .

Use Undercity Informer to mill your opponents' entire libraries (recurring him with the Angel combo).

Exile all of your opponents' graveyards by recycling Tormod's Crypt.

In an extremely interesting series of plays, you can technically now dictate entirely the order of turns taken by players.

Cast Ugin's Nexus. Animate it with Sydri, Galvanic Genius then Domineering Will it to the opponent to whom you want to grant an extra turn, then kill it with Cower in Fear .

To recycle Ugin's Nexus, simply target it with Mirror of Fate and you will draw it next turn. Note that you do not need the next turn, you can just let the turn order cycle through players.

Currently, your opponents' entire decks are exiled. Everything from their library, their hand, and their graveyard.

Give the opponent their turn.

From the moment their turn begins, you control them, but obviously you also control yourself too.

During his upkeep, produce infinite mana. Use Sydri, Galvanic Genius to animate Mirror of Fate , Fated Infatuation the Mirror a bunch of times and Domineering Will a copy to the controlled opponent.

Next, force the controlled opponent to shuffle at least 1 card into his library using one of his Mirror of Fate , to prevent a loss by deck out.

Cast Curse of Echoes targeting self.

Cast Death Wish. Curse of Echoes gives the controlled opponent a copy of Death Wish. Counter all copies not owned by the controlled opponent, including the original with Lullmage Mentor , tapping itself and its 6 copies. Then add the original to your hand with Codex Shredder. Using Lullmage Mentor's second ability to counter immediately triggers the first ability of all of your Mentors, generating 7 Merfolk tokens. Tap those tokens to counter the next spell to create an infinite counter loop. To keep the board from being cluttered, sacrifice tapped tokens.

Only the controlled opponent's Death Wish resolves. Since you control them, you get to decide the card from outside the game that will be put into his or her hand. Since this isn't a sanctioned magic event, and this is a casual game, the ruling states that you can interpret Death Wish to be able to get any card in your collection, not just from your sideboard. Go into their backpack and find another deck they have. Pick a card from it and add it to their hand.

Continue the process of casting Death Wish and countering the copies of Death Wish and the original and recycling the original to your hand with Codex Shredder.

If your opponent drops to 1 life, cast Congregate . Counter anything you wish. Depending on how you've been treating tokens and animating permanents, life gain will vary, but I guarantee it will be prodigious. You control your target and your opponent's target, so use them both on him.

Eventually, you will have given your opponent a new deck (hand?) to play with in the middle of a game.

Don't stop there. There's nothing that says they have to play with only one deck at a time. Put all of that opponent's decks into his hand.

Animate and Domineering Will Ugin's Nexus to your next victim, with the appropriate counters to give an appropriate controlled opponent the next turn. Use the Death Wish thing to give him a nice fat hand too.

Once all your opponents have their entire collection of Magic cards in their hands, use Volrath's Dungeon countless times to put their hands into their decks.

From here, you can exile their entire deck again and tell them that you defeated all of their decks at once.

It's even possible to set your own library up with a completely different deck as well, and then exile this deck while giving your opponents, in a very fair way, only one different EDH deck. In this way, it's like you started a new game of EDH with different decks, except it's still the same game.

Alternate Paths

Resetting the game: Give each of your opponents a 99 card deck. Use Congregate + Death Wish to grant yourself 99 nice cards. Volrath's Dungeon them on top of your deck. With everyone affected by Worst Fears , play Ugin's Nexus and end your turn, to remove any spare turns floating around. On a controlled opponent's turn, animate all your permanents with Sydri, Galvanic Genius. Tormod's Crypt yourself. Before Tormod's Crypt resolves, use and recycle Cower in Fear 99 times. Your controlled opponent's Cower in Fears will erase your board of permanents, and Tormod's Crypt will exile your graveyard.

Everyone has a 99 card deck, no hand, no turn order manipulation, no mana.

Note: An interesting thing you can do is to use Domineering Will to give your opponent (during a turn which you control them) Lotus Petal, which you force them to activate continuously, play their commander, then use Cower in Fear + Tormod's Crypt to exile their commander. Because you control them, you control where the commander goes. so you can exile their commander or shuffle it into the deck (by Domineering Will a Rishadan Pawnshop and have them activate the Pawnshop targeting their commander).

Freezing the game: Exile your opponent's decks and stuff. Animate and kill Curse of Echoes (Cartel Aristocrat + Memnarch ). Cast Shared Fate (recycled with Codex Shredder). Animate all your permanents with Sydri, Galvanic Genius except for Shared Fate. Fated Infatuation Conspiracy naming Zombie. Now cast Fated Infatuation on Angel of Glory's Rise, exiling everything except for the one copy of Shared Fate. No one can die by drawing. No one has the tools to damage anyone else. The game ends when either you concede, or everyone else concedes.


Revive Shared Fate with Codex Shredder.

Exile your opponent's decks and Worst Fears them all. Use Rishadan Pawnshop on Curse of Echoes and use Mind Spring or something to draw it. You can also animate it with Sydri, sacrifice it to Cartel, and add it to hand with Codex Shredder. Whatever floats your boat.

If at any point during the following sequence Death Wish is exiled, use Mirror of Fate to place it in the deck and Mind Spring to draw it. Also use Congregate to heal yourself.

Use Death Wish 99 times per opponent. Use the Volrath's Dungeon /add card from graveyard to hand loop to place the added cards into your deck.

Retrieve Mind Spring . Cast Shared Fate . Cast Curse of Echoes targeting yourself.

On a controlled opponent's turn, get infinite mana. Then cast Mind Spring symbol:99. Counter Mind Springs not owned by the controlled opponent. Because Shared Fate and Worst Fears are active, you can force the chosen opponent to exile the top 99 cards of your deck. That opponent can play with YOUR cards that you chose for him. Shared Fate exiles are treated as a 99 card hand.

Repeat this process for each opponent (you can manipulate the turn order with the Domineering Will + Mirror of Fate + Ugin's Nexus combo), giving each of them a 99 card "hand" from your collection.

Death Wish a permanent for each opponent and place them on the field. Animate them with Sydri, Galvanic Genius as necessary, then use Fated Infatuation on Fiend Hunter to have a Fiend Hunter token exile each of these permanents.

Tell your opponents that these permanents are their "commanders", one assigned to each player. In order to play their commanders, they need to pay the appropriate mana cost, then you will sacrifice the Fiend Hunter token corresponding to their "commander" and Domineering Will it to the appropriate opponent.

Use Rishadan Pawnshop (with Fated Infatuation to make as many as necessary) targeting Volrath's Dungeon and Shared Fate . Recycle Mind Spring and draw these cards. Play Shared Fate

You have now created a new commander game. You will allow your opponents to fight each other with their 99 card Shared Fate decks and give them their commander when they tap the appropriate mana. Note that the mana they tap for their "commander" is not actually spent and remains in their mana pool. Tell them that if they play their "commander" then attempt to spend the mana they tapped, they will receive the mark of the cheater: a Zombie Conspiracy.

New commander rules:

You are the Arbiter, the god who will keep the multiverse in balance. The Arbiter has the following abilities:

Players have 99 card hands which you have carefully sculpted for them and do not draw, because Shared Fate remains active and no one has a deck.

Players may cast their assigned commanders at designated times. Note that the assigned commanders do not have to be legendary or creatures. You can make their commanders enchantments or lands. The cost for a commander should be the listed mana cost. However, the Arbiter will use table talk to inform players what the mana cost is and can assign mana costs at whim. Note that you will have to Domineering Will their commander to them every turn (because they return to your control) and their commanders will be forced to block. You can get around this with Curse of Echoes + Fated Infatuation + Worst Fears to force them to create a token copy of their "commander" which they technically own (it was their copy of Fated Infatuation that created the token)

The Arbiter will not take a turn. Turns can be skipped by passing. (Your Grand Abolisher keeps things clean on your turn)

The Arbiter may intervene during the beginning anyone's declare attackers step or declare blockers step and dictate attackers and/or blockers. Players must obey.

(optional) Players may not target the Arbiter or any of the Arbiter's permanents for any reason, nor may they cast boardwipes that destroy anything that would disrupt the Angel of Glory's Rise loop (such as Merciless Eviction naming anything that isn't planeswalker)

(optional) Players must refer to the Arbiter by whatever name the Arbiter desires, such as "Lord" or "Mr/Ms Arbiter".

(optional) Players must treat your favorite card as Phage the Untouchable and must refer to it as God.

Any rule can be violated if the Arbiter grants permission. (example: Player A wants to play a second land for turn. Player A asks the Arbiter, who grants this request by using Ugin's Nexus, under the condition that this turn is only used for an extra land).

If a table talk enforced rule is violated, the victim shall be granted one of two penalties (both in the case of a severe rule break): a "Zombie" Xenograft or all lands destroyed/stolen. The offending card will be countered as possible. For a minor violation player will be granted Mirror of Fate and be asked to use the Mirror on specific cards exiled via Shared Fate, which will be distributed to other players (via Shared Fate). Violation of minor penalty (returning the wrong card to the deck) will result in major penalty.

Just as a player is about to win the game, use Ugin's Nexus to grant them the next turn. Then concede, immediately removing every card from the board, Shared Fate , and all cards exiled by Shared Fate . Tell them that you just delivered the Supreme Verdict.

Note: In my playgroup we do not allow the use of cards such as Death Wish. If this is the case for your playgroup, replace Death Wish, Tormod's Crypt and Congregate with Archangel's Light and some random tutors. Use Archangel's Light + Curse of Echoes + Worst Fears to make sure your opponent's entire decks are in their libraries. Use the Curse of Echoes + Mind Spring + Worst Fears combo to force everyone to swap decks. (remember to counter your own copy of Archangel's Light )

I highly suggest you check out The Ultimate Budget Way to Troll EVERYONE. It is far more exciting, flavorful, and flexible, though less effective and slightly more expensive.


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