So over Christmas I picked up Octopath traveler, played it, and have since been enamored with apothecaries. (Love Alfyn/warrior) So with that I decided to try and make an apothecary themed deck. So I did some research and found The Cure in legacy. This combined with finding out Pharika is the god of apothecarial knowledge got me all excited. Unfortunately with not enough forced lifegain, and only 1 false cure, the deck is very inconsistent. With this I need your all’s help! I’m trying to make cuts for tonight to do some testing and then I will refine and elaborate on card choices in the description.

A couple notes:

  • I dislike infinite combo’s. Combo’s/synergies are fine as long as they don’t go infinite.

-This is apothecary themed so any elixir/remedy things I may have missed are greatly appreciated. I think I found a good majority of them were not too great for edh

-I generally play on the more casual side. If I want to play competitive I’ve got legacy to fiddle with. That said I don’t want a completely yank deck either so I’m shooting for that 75% nonsense

-I’m terrible with mana curves so help there is appreciated as well

Please let me know what you think and how I can make it better. I’m also certainly willing to do the same but I don’t explore tappedout decks much so if you want to link yours in the comments I will take a look. :)


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