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The Algebra Textbook (Wort Spellslinger)

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Welcome! This has been a longtime project of mine, in my quest to create commander decks for some less appreciated, yet still powerful color combos. This is a deck that aims to play largely under the radar, until you're able to burst-ramp in a ton of mana and either swing in with hordes of token creatures or fireballs to the face. This is NOT a deck that can sustain itself at max power for more than a few turns. The spoiler explains your gameplan pretty concisely.



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Heyo! This update basically undid a lot of the changes I've made over the years since I wanted my list on tappedout better resemble the list I have built physically. That being said, all my old updates and revisions should link you to cards used over the years if you want to make the list less budget-y, although in all honesty a lot of the more expensive cards like Lithoform Engine this deck can still do without. Up to you!


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