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Here at the Adult Party Store we welcome all degenerates and fully support all of their degenerate decisions. Have you ever wanted to draw half your deck on an opponents turn? What about putting 124 power on the board in a single turn? Casting half an opponent's library for free? Tapping for 80+ mana, casting a Torment of Hailfire / Exsanguinate, and then copying it? Maybe have an undying Ochre Jelly that just continues to grow stronger and multiply with every board wipe? Or perhaps you wanted to take more of a passive route and put 36 +1/+1 counters on Simic Ascendancy in a single turn rotation while having multiple counter spells to back it up? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Adult Party Store in the store for you!


DISCLAIMER: This deck does not include the infinite combos with Pemmin's Aura / Freed from the Real. Recently I have started removing the infinite loops and game wining combos from (most) of my decks. I find this playstyle is preferable for a number of reasons; mainly making the game more fair while giving the deck more variance and making a win more rewarding.

Rest assured this deck is plenty powerful without the combos.

This deck has 2 key pieces (3 if you count the instant speed draw X spells) to function as intended. The first of which is Seedborn Muse. With seedborn we can cast Blue Sun's Zenith / Commander's Insight / Diviner's Portent / Drown in Dreams / Even the Score / Pull from Tomorrow / Stroke of Genius / Thassa's Intervention on an opponents turn in response to a win attempt, declaration of attackers, or just simply on the end step. This will give us a hefty hydra (if our commander is in play) and leave us with plenty of cards in hand once it gets back to our turn. More often than not we'll be able to draw into another draw X spell and just keep the chain going, doing it once on each opponents turn. The second key piece is Nyxbloom Ancient. This is a big mana X spell deck so the more mana we can make the better. Either of these pieces can be tutored to the battlefield with Chord of Calling / Finale of Devastation / Green Sun's Zenith / Invasion of Ikoria   or tutored to hand/ top of library with Vampiric Tutor / Demonic Tutor. Obviously both of these pieces are weak to removal so we've included An Offer You Can't Refuse Diplomatic Immunity / Fierce Guardianship / Heroic Intervention / Lightning Greaves / Mana Drain / Pact of Negation / Plaza of Heroes / Spellskite / Swan Song / Swiftfoot Boots / Thassa's Intervention / Yavimaya Hollow to hold on to our goodies.

Usually we'll want to tutor for Seedborn Muse first, unless of course we don't have an instant speed draw X spell in hand, then we'll probably want to grab a Nyxbloom Ancient just for the shear value.

Once we have several cards in hand and are making tons of mana we can use any of the following win cons to win the game... Akroma's Memorial / Exsanguinate / Finale of Devastation / Garruk's Uprising / Open Into Wonder / Pathbreaker Ibex / Profane Command / Simic Ascendancy / Torment of Hailfire / Villainous Wealth.

Akroma's Memorial = Turns all of our vanilla hydras into absolute monsters.

Alchemist's Refuge = Allows us to cast sorcery speed Draw X spells on opponents turns. Also allows us to cast Exsanguinate / Profane Command / Torment of Hailfire in response to a win attempt from our opponents.

Burgeoning = Is great for the amount of card draw we have in the deck.

Garruk's Uprising = Will give all our vanilla hydras trample, will draw us two cards for every Xspell creature, and one card for every Xspell. This is assuming X is greater than 4 of course, but almost always will be. This also pairs really well with doubling season, drawing us an additional card.

Simic Ascendancy = Easy win-con. Especially when paired with Seedborn Muse and all of the instant speed draw spells.

Unbound Flourishing = An absolute power house in the deck. Doubles the amount of cards drawn with any one of the different X draw spells we're running.

Branching Evolution + Doubling Season = Gives us double hydras but also puts quadruple counters on them.

Branching Evolution + Doubling Season + Voracious Hydra = Massive.

Doubling Season + Pest Infestation = Quadruple pest tokens.

Mana Reflection + Nyxbloom Ancient = Makes all of our lands tap for 6. Even better than that it makes Mana Crypt / Sol Ring / Dimir Aqueduct / Golgari Rot Farm / Ancient Tomb / Zaxara, the Exemplary all tap for twelve mana. This can get even more out of control if we have Bloom Tender / Cabal Coffers / Elementalist's Palette / Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx / Selvala, Heart of the Wilds in play.

Ochre Jelly + Branching Evolution = An undying hydra that just continues to multiply.

Ochre Jelly + Doubling Season = An undying hydra that just continues to multiply, but twice as fast.

Ochre Jelly + Branching Evolution + Doubling Season = Well... you get the idea.

Reliquary Tower / Thought Vessel / Finale of Revelation = Allows us to keep all the cards we'll be drawing.

Seedborn Muse + Blue Sun's Zenith / Commander's Insight / Diviner's Portent / Drown in Dreams / Even the Score / Pull from Tomorrow / Stroke of Genius / Thassa's Intervention = Allows us to draw several cards on each of our opponent's turns while making hydra tokens. Can be a great response to attacks when our opponents don't think we have any blockers. (obviously we'll need our commander in play to make the hydras with each cast)

Unbound Flourishing + Chord of Calling / Finale of Devastation / Green Sun's Zenith / Invasion of Ikoria   = Tutoring both Seedborn Muse and Nyxbloom Ancient directly to the battlefield is basically GG.

Unbound Flourishing + Exsanguinate / Torment of Hailfire = GG.

This is one of four decks in my Sultai library of commander decks. All four decks are some combination of colors that belong to the Sultai wedge, with green being the primary color. My Zaxara, the Exemplary deck is the flagship deck and does not run any proxies. The rest of the decks in this library run proxies (of the expensive cards that are shared with my Zaxara deck) and are indicated with a "P" in their respective deck lists.

Everything in this library is sleeved with Ultapro lime green sleeves and dragon shield perfect fit inners. I use black, green, and blue BCW spectrum prism deck boxes, an assortment of dice in the same colors, and a dice bag that's on theme as well. All my decks and accessories are then stored in a Dewalt mid pro organizer. The two playmats I use for this library are either the double masters exploration box topper playmat or the elvish visionary playmat.

All four decks are different archetypes, but all do what green does best... ramp.

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This is an X-Spell tribal deck with more of a spell slinger focus than a creature based focus. No infinite loops or game winning combos. High powered casual.

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This is an elfball creature based deck that seeks to make as much mana as possible and win via combat damge. No infinite loops or game winning combos. High power casual.


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