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The Locust God EDH Primer***

                                             CUE THE THEME SONG!

_ Why play The Locust God EDH? Do you like drawing cards? If the answer is no, then move along! The goal of this deck overall is to Draw as many cards as possible while having a triggered ability going on the field, or Amassing an Swarm of Unstoppable Insects that could be 1/1 flying creatures, or FAR bigger if Coat of Arms is on the field, or Drawing out your library while having a win con on the field for doing so. _Having your commander out is ideal, but not necessary to win. in some cases. Below are some of the game winning combinations of certain cards that demonstrate winning strategies.
Question: What is an Engine in EDH? Answer: An Engine is any combination of cards in which creates an infinite loop that is beneficial to you winning the game. It is referred to as an engine because as long as there is the pieces for it in play that it keeps running. For this deck we will need infinite draw combos with a little infinite mana as well to make this deck Truly run. After all, drawing as many cards as possible while having your commander out on the field is how you are going to win the game. You WANT your little insect tokens, although, You could draw out with a maniac on the field but that's super laaaaaammmmeee, and not as entertaining!
Pili-Pala + Grand Architect This is a fun little combo that you can use to get a bunch of mana to do whatever you want with. This means you can recast the commander and then draw out your entire library playing your jace or Laboratory maniac. This is probably the most fragile and my least favorite Engine of the deck. Everyone always has anti creature things in their decks and I almost never see these two hit play.

Magus of the Future or Mystic Forge + Sensei's Divining Top + Etherium Sculptor + Trinket Mage . Use trinket mage to fetch yo top. Actually, there is a few things that can fetch the top. Magus says, hey, you wanna play that card? Then the Sculptor will say, hey, wanna play it for free? INFINITE DRAW POWER BABY! I mean, seriously, have ANY Triggered ability pokemon of yours on the field and you win auto-magically~*! You can also draw your Laboratory Maniac and win that way too, but that's the boring way.

Kindred Discovery + Merfolk Looter + Your commander + Either the Jace or Laboratory Maniac or, heck, don't have to win by milling yourself. Dozen other ways to win already. Just tap your merfolk to draw a card. WARNING: Putting Kindred Discovery out on the field without Laboratory Maniac or Jace will mean you will lose the game.

Unwinding Clock + Mana Rocks - OK, Technically it's not an Engine, but it's powerful. It is also an easy way to untap your Grim Monolith

Ashnod's Altar + Skullclamp + The Commander. You attach skull clamp to your Insect Token and it goes pop for drawing two more cards than you sacrifice a token to pay for the equip cost to attach it to another token and that token goes pop and you draw two more cards and get two more tokens and now you have 3 mana in your mana pool with three tokens and you keep doing this until you feel like casting stuff or draw enough insects to (Because they have haste and ALL have flying) destroy your opponent. By far my favorite combo as it is the most fun to do! TBH, this is the engine I will always try to assemble every time I play the deck.

Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal + a few mana rocks. - Use mana from mana rocks to pay for the isochron scepters' cost to tap it to untap the mana rocks as long as the mana you have exceeds the mana being used and you gain a little each time. Just make sure it is a colored mana you are putting into your mana pool to pay for your commander and his draw ability to put him out, draw and discard and make as many insects as needed.

Mana Echoes AND Impact Tremors are very great to have on the field when stuff starts drawing cards when your commander is out. Mana Echoes is EXTREMELY powerful when you got a couple blue and red mana open, or if you have Blue Sun's Zenith in hand. Basically, if you have Tremors out and get any of your draw engines out you basically win the game because you volley your opponent to death and if it's multiplayer swarm the other or draw out until you win with maniac or jace on the field, but that is riskier since anyone can zap your jace and maniac at instant speed when you draw your last card. Several combos could potentially turn your deck into an instant win against multiplayer if you use blue sun to drain someone's library and then attack with insects to someone else.
What is a Mana Rock? A Mana Rock is any Non Creature Card on your field that can generate mana via tapping it for either for free or fee! You want this in any edh deck as it helps generate the missing mana you need and the extra you need to play your really big spells.
Your mana Rocks are as follows and when you see them you will understand why they are so important. In fact, every one of these belong in every edh deck, almost. Mox Amber Mox Opal Mox Diamond Mana Crypt Mana Vault Chromatic Lantern Chrome Mox Grim Monolith Lotus Petal Prismatic Lens
One thing you might be able to improve on this list is the LAND! This deck runs light on control utility lands. Mayhaps you could experiment with the mana a bit.
All in all this deck is very powerful, it can be slow or quick and is devastating in Multiplayer EDH.


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