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Pioneer is a tough format.

Rak Sac and Rak Midrange are quite dominant (and what deck wouldn't be if you could run four copies of Thoughtseize), Mono-Green Devotion has an answer to everything, Mono-White Humans can shut down most decks before they get going, Greasefang, Okiba Boss decks can actually kill on turn 4, and don't get me started on Indomitable Creativity and Lotus Field.

That being said, it's a diverse meta, one that I really like. Even if the top decks are there for a reason, there are a lot of strategies that can still pack a punch and do some damage. My goal today is to make one of those decks.

"Flickering" has always been a mechanic that I've really enjoyed. Getting repeated value off of a permanent that wasn't really intended to give more value than the first cast is really funny. This deck aims to utilize one of the best cards at flickering, Thassa, Deep-Dwelling, and an enchantment-subtheme to generate more value than the opponent can handle.

Because of the flicker theme, it made perfect sense to me to make this a Yorion, Sky Nomad list as well. Yorion can blink our creatures and our enchantments, meaning we can get good value from sagas as well.

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This is a deck I use constantly on Arena, and it has done pretty well in unranked Historic on there. My goal is to get this deck to a comfortable spot, take it to my LGS, and try and get Top 5 with it.

I would LOVE some feedback on the decklist! Any recommended cards? Any questions? Should Starfield of Nyx get in here as a one-of?! Tell me anything!

Thank you guys for the support!


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