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Thalia / Gitrog fair beatdown

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Thalia/Gitrog prototype

work in progress

This is what I came up with so far. The deck is more battle-cruisery and not as fast and combo-oriented as Thalia/Gitrog can potentially get. After playing the Hulk into Mike/Ball combo for a long time in my Meren deck, I decided I want my next deck to be a little less linear. Still, I've got Protean Hulk, but I decided not to include any obvious game-winning piles (and I actually cut Hulk recently, so there's that). I also limited the number of tutors, to make the game plan slightly more varied.

So anyway, it's a beatdown deck. Get Thalia out, get the value engine running, tax people, and kill them with combat. Soul Warden and Archangel of Thune are brutal. Ancient Greenwarden and Felidar Retreat are also very nice. Odric is an all star here. It feels really good to swing when all your creatures have vigilance, first strike, deathtouch, flying, lifelink, hexproof, and indestructible. I'd like to ass trample to the pile, but I couldn't find anything that would work well. Craterhoof is a bit boring, and Pathbreaker Ibex might as well be a boardwipe in my experience. That's the plan. It's a bit janky, but it's fun. It still gets a bit degenerate sometimes, but for some reason, getting 250 life and 250 +1/+1 counters at instant speed just before combat damage is dealt with the Soul Sisters, Scute Swarm, and some mix of Ancient Greenwarden, Felidar Retreat, Archangel of Thune, or Heliod feels more fair than straight up infinity. And if everything else fails, there's Heliod and Ballista, but again, I deliberately didn't include anything that would let me just tutor them up with Hulk and win on the spot.


I'm not trying to combo off on turn 3 with this deck, but it has the potential to do that with some changes, through classic reanimation chicanery. Just remove battlecruiser cards like Odric, Brave the Sands, Scute Swarm, Heroic Intervention, Sun Titan, or Archangel of Thune, and replace them with the standard reanimation stuff like Entomb, Necromancy, Animate Dead, Karmic Guide, etc., and then add some reliable sac outlets, like Viscera Seer, Carrion Feeder, or Phyrexian Altar, and a bit more tutors like Pod, Eladamri's Call, Fiend Artisan, Survival of the Fittest, Diabolic Intent, Imperial Seal, and so on. You would probably have to add more dorks for that to work consistently, though. The Mike/Ball combo is pretty bad here, because of all the counters that get thrown around. Mike will be pretty useless as a utility creature if he ever hits the field without comboing. Heliod/Ball or Karmic Guide/Saffi/Sac outlet/Blood Artist are much better here. If you want at least one infinite combo, the easiest way would be to add Ballista. Heliod is already included anyway. There's also Melira, I guess, but I never liked that pile. At least stuff like Karmic Guide, Heliod, Mike, or Blood Artist has some utility when played as a standalone card. Also, Opposition Agent would be probably better than Archivist, but I don't want the deck to be all that cutthroat, and browsing libraries is super time-consuming.


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