very very WIP Teysa Karlov deck. Starting out somewhat on a budget. Suggestions always appreciated!


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Out: Desperate Sentry, Kaya's Wrath, Blood Artist

In: Smothering Abomination, Living Death, Sanguinary Priest

In which the curve of the deck gets a bit higher...the sentry gives us some cool tokens, and I was kinda on the fence about cutting it, but I couldn't think of anything I'd rather cut, alas. The abomination is hopefully going to stop me from having as many games like the last one, in which I drew exactly one card per turn, every turn. Living death may be one more mana than kaya's wrath, but it'll be easier to cast thanks to having less colored pips, and more importantly, will enable shenanigans. It doesn't hurt that the price dropped sometime when I wasn't looking. Finally, the priest may cost twice as much as the artist, but it'll allow me to target creatures, planeswalkers, and battles, as opposed to just players. Very nice.


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