Teysa Karlov aristocrats featuring sacrifice and draw lifegain and above all, death triggers.


Teysa Karlov the queen of aristocrat strategy this creature makes a perfect commander. She doubles the value of each and every death trigger, creating some amazing and explosive turns. There are very little cards in this deck that don't want her in play.


The Strategy is simple, you want 3 things: teysa karlov, a creature to kill, and a sacrifice engine. The first part is about death triggers, things that you don't really want to kill most of the time but are better with teysa in play. The second part is two things, things that beg to die and tokens. The third thing is cards that deliberately go out of the way to kill things, often your own things. I've also included cards that support the deck; draw, mana production, control (backed by popular demand).

Part 1: value with teysa

Death triggers is what it's all about. anything that triggers when a creature dies doubles with our commander. The best effects fall into a few categories: drawing cards, creating tokens, dealing damage/ gaining life (simultaneously), or causing our opponent to sacrifice things. Tokens that can kill themselves to generate mana, and tokens with flying are preferred.

Part 2 things to kill

These are the things we want to die and the things that we don't mind killing. Creatures that generate tokens when they die are the stars of this category, non-token creatures to trigger those types of death triggers, and their death triggers double too, which can create a lot of tokens. The Tokens are in this category too, because sometimes their deaths matter too.

Part 3 sacrifice engines

If you're obsessed with death you have to have a way to guarantee that things die. Sacrifice engines are the solution, letting you generate a ton of value, and generally having great effects of their own. They complete the circle of 3 effects needed to win the game.

Part 4 mana rocks

A lot of mana rocks in this deck, because I don't run ramp basically at all. I favor cheaper rocks, but also use ones that give you better effects.

Part 5 draw

So I don't run tutors, and I don't think they're the best answer, casting my best card for 2 cards is worse than not playing the card in the first place, and costs precious resources. With a great draw engine, and Elixir of Immortality you can scour your deck for a great hand, and pitch the rest back into your deck before your opponent can stop you. Besides the death trigger draw effects I have a few more to ensure that I always have the right cards

Part 5 answers

I have included cards to try to deal with a wide variety of threats, keeping my opponents at bay just long enough to pull off a combo. I have a lot of target removal, most of which is fairly flexible. I've also included a couple of board wipes, because if all the creatures get killed then most of my creatures will give me a boat before they go.

There's a few other things but they're mostly stand alone cards.

The Strategy is to get a creature that wants to die and make tokens, get an effect that damages each opponent, and get a sac engine. I've engineered a couple ways to do this infinitely, and a few ways to do this enough to completely take out my opponents. Some of the paths require massive amounts of mana, others just generate a huge advantage your opponents can't overcome. Lastly this deck can win through combat damage, with an army of tokens that can be impossible to stop. Most of the time this deck plays really passive aggressive, damaging each opponent equally, and only punishing mildly when acted upon. This deck is actually a ton of fun to play, and is a collection of some of my best cards.

Now I just have to figure out a way to use elesh norn, grand cenobite in this deck


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Thanks for all the help guys! I finally have the deck together (for now). I lost a lot of loved cards along the way, but the deck is looking pretty amazing. Thanks for the help, please take some time, take a look and tell me what you think.


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