A simple multiplayer EDH-deck. General focus is on defensive play/turtling up in the early to mid game, and then hopefully start to overpower the other players who have (hopefully) been weakened from attacking each other instead of you (and you have hopefully build up quite a nice little life lead by this point with Extort).

In general you want to create a bunch of black tokens, which can either be used for chump blocking or for sacrificing for various effects. With Teysa in play you'll be able to effectively sacrifice the same token twice, since a black token dying will give you a white spirit. This is especially powerful if you have a small group of black tokens in play and drop a Fallen Ideal on Teysa, which now effectively let's you add +4/+2 for each of your tokens to Teysa until end of turn, letting you fairly easily swing for lethal Commander damage in 1 turn.


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