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Teneb Reanimate Everything

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This deck is designed to handle any situation. You can get out of any situation, even stax. You may be wondering what certain creatures are for, and I've deliberated a long time on what to include. I've got a long maybeboard of cards waiting to get in, but there just isn't room for all the good stuff out there. If it's in here, it's in here for a really good reason!

The main combo here is using Morality shift to get most of your deck into the graveyard, while you have a mass reanimation spell in hand. Bringing back one of your creatures like Eternal Witness will bring one of the other reanimation spells back into play. Soon enough, you'll have all artifacts, enchantments, creatures, and lands in play and with a nearly empty library, you'll get all cards out of exile 7 at a time with mirror of fate. The deck can really go off once you get Cadaverous Bloom in play and you have the ability to draw lots of cards.

I'd add Greater Good if I had it, because it's OP enough for a deck like this.

The deck is supposed to win by bringing back enough creatures and outlasting your opponents' board wipes. No matter what happens, you can always renew your board state. Jarad is kind of a win condition once you get that mana engine and creature recycling engine out.

Ulvenwald Hydra - gets your plains to activate Emeria Mogis's Marauder - one of the few creatures in WBG to give haste to all Archetype of Endurance and Spearbreaker Behemoth - get these out if there's a lot of board hate Blazing Archon - good at shutting down creature based strategies Ancestor's Chosen - When you need more life and your whole library is in your graveyard Loaming Shaman - Reanimate this before Morality Shift to tune your library-to-be Ulamog's Despoiler - Sometimes, players will exile their own graveyards just to keep you from getting their good creatures. Ulamog's Despoiler brings those things back from exile :) Debt to the Deathless for a big finisher if you have lots of mana but the board is shut down with janky moats Ashen Rider for the janky endless cycling through the graveyard. Akroma's Memorial for when you reanimate all your stuff and those creatures need haste Evolutionary Leap because it kind of ramps while providing a sacrifice outlet Decimator of the Provinces - This one I'm least sure about. Probably better to have a craterhoof instead, but I'm on a budget. Seasons Past brings back a land, swords to plowshares, and each reanimation spell. It also nicely puts itself back onto the bottom of your library every turn, which is handy when you've run out of cards and you need to renew. Panharmonicon because of all the ETB utility.


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