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Temur midrange ramp

Modern* Burn Ramp RUG (Temur)


Here is my temur midrange ramp deck. It focuses on ramp with some focus on burn damage. I also have big creatures with high power.

Thanks to the following people;Omniscience_is_life,aholder7, heinrichdk, Xica for all the helpful advice to farther refine my deck. I especially like to thankabbatromebone who has seat down with me for about close to a week to a week and a half refining the deck to what it is now. I encourage you all to check out all these people decks because they are amazing at it.


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I refined the deck to focus more on ramp and took out the +1/+1 counter cards. The ramp spell are cheaper cmc and I am able to put Multiple lands out with a few cards.


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