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Teleporting. Dragons. Seriously.

Modern Control RUW (Jeskai, America) Tokens


Ok.Here's My attempt at explaining what just might be the best thing ever. First of all, I want you to know that this deck is NOT going to be built by those on a budget, which, unfortunately, I am right now...

Anyway, back to business. It starts with a pretty basic control shell. Sphinx's Revelations, Detention Spheres, Boros Charms, Dragonshi- Wait, what?

Let's get to the interesting stuff, shall we? Like I said, pretty basic control, but all the while pumping out tokens with things like Gather the Townsfolk , Krenko's Command , and Increasing Devotion. That, along with our permanents like Goblin Electromancer and Arcane Melee to make our business cards easier to cast, is what gets us ready for our alpha strike, which comes in the form of... Dragonshift and/or Teleportal. That's right, I said it. You may look down on me for using a "cutesy", "won't ever do anything" card like Dragonshift, but you won't be laughing when you a horde of 8 dragons is coming at you out of nowhere when just last turn you thought to yourself "All he has is a couple of weenies". Now, I will admit, this situation implied in the name of the deck, overloading both Teleportal AND Dragonshift, won't come up much. But trust me, it's the easiest thing in the world to cast them separately. With Electromancers and Arcane Melees, Dragonshifts are going to usually going to be cast at four or five mana overload, and you'll be seeing a lot of two or three mana Teleportal overloads.

Right now, I don't particularly feel the need to put in Snappy, but if you see a reason why, by all means let me know. My entire removal package right now is 4 Pillar of Flames, which are quite effective but I think I'll be needing more removal soon. I've really been liking the Aurelia's Fury in here. Well, that's it! Please, please, please give me any suggestions you think would fit in here, and also sideboard suggestions would be nice too!


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I updated the deck to modern with Innistrad block rotating out soon. Tell me what you think or how I could make it better!


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