I haven't touched this deck in ages, and it's possibly my favorite deck I've ever built. However, with the release of MM17, there's been...a major change. What was once an Oloro deck, with Judge Promo Oloro and just crazy amounts of value has now become, well, Zur.

I'll get started on basically the new strategy here.

  1. Ramp, and play Zur. With a number of mana rocks (not as many as I really should have, honestly, but enough for me), it's not unlikely to land Zur on turn 2-3.
  2. Swing. This part was hard for me. I don't like combat in my combo decks, but Zur's incredible tutor engine is what makes the deck. Consistency is insane.
  3. Tutor out what you need as you need it. I personally always grab Vanishing or Diplomatic Immunity first, since it protects Zur hilariously well, and follow it up with a Necropotence for card advantage, but with utility enchantments like Rest in Peace, Solitary Confinement, Steel of the Godhead, Grasp of Fate, Rhystic Study, etc., it's not hard to customize exactly what you need just from Zur himself. Don't forget that there's tutorable Ancestral Recall in Mystic Remora.
  4. Win the game. There's a number of ways to pull this off.
    • Doomsday + Laboratory Maniac ; Using Doomsday, Necropotence, Lab Man, Remand, Brainstorm, Demonic Consultation, Sensei's Divining Top, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  , etc. should allow you to just win on the spot. It's relatively hard to interact with, especially if you have any one of the 0-mana counterspells. Also, it can theoretically go off as early as turn 1, if you lucky.
    • Helm of Obedience + Rest in Peace ; one at a time, exile player's libraries. This is by far the most consistently fast combo in the deck, being able to kill someone easily on turn 3 and consistently kill a player on turn 4-6; however, it is slower to kill the board and easier to interact with.
    • Dark Depths + Thespian's Stage or Dark Depths + Solemnity ; Make a 20/20 and hit people with it. Super slow and easy to interact with, but fun every now and then.
    • Zur the Enchanter; Commander damage is a thing. Unless you're playing with a Doran player, expect to spend about 20 turns to kill the board, and you're forced to use Steel of the Godhead. Don't expect to do this unless you're 100% desperate.
    • Any number of planeswalker ultimates. Big Daddy Jace kills a player on the spot, but don't expect to pull it off multiple times unless your opponents are unable to interact with you. Baby Jace could also win you the game, but it's so unlikely that it probably won't happen unless there's only 1 player left in the game.
  5. Run away quickly. Apparently, people don't like losing to Zur decks. Not sure why, though.

A couple tips, BTW:

  1. Use counterspells defensively, not offensively. By using counterspells to protect your gameplan, you can retain card advantage more easily. Also, it becomes much safer to combo off late in the game if you're still holding onto your FoW and Misdirection.

  2. Unless absolutely necessary, tutor out Vanishing or Diplomatic Immunity first and slap it on Zur. Then, proceed to leave up for the rest of the game to protect Zur. This way, it's almost impossible to remove Zur, and you can basically tutor up whatever you need. Forever.

  3. Think outside of the box when it comes to combos. It's really easy for your opponents to just see Doomsday to LabMan and figure out ways to play around it. It becomes harder when you tutor for a Doomsday with a Dark Petition, or tutor for a Demonic Consultation instead.

  4. Be afraid of everyone. Zur draws a lot of hate just for existing. Keep this in mind, and be aware that you will get backstabbed a lot.


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