This is my attempt at a simic landfall deck with Tatyova as the commander.

No infinites Playgroup doesn't do infinites so... No infinites in the deck and no jayce, thassa's oracle or lab maniac

What's the plan?

Ramp up to play Tatyova ASAP.

Get extra lands into play with cards like Courser of Kruphix , Exploration , Oracle of Mul Daya , ...

If we're going to be playing multiple lands per turn, we better have a payoff ready... Lotus Cobra , Scute Swarm , Rampaging Baloths , Roil Elemental

There's also a few cards that can become big beaters like Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar and Oran-Rief Hydra .

Psychosis Crawler to ping everyone for some damage with the draws off of Tatyova

Gemrazer is also in because besides removal he can make scute swarm even scarier than it already is.

Last but not least Dark Depths is in as an alternate win con together with Thespian's Stage to become a copy and instantly sacrifice to make a 20/20 flying indestructible. Even if it gets removed there is plenty of graveyard recursion to get Thespian's stage back to the battlefield and make him again.

This deck is still very much under construction, so please let me know your thoughts and suggestions!


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I know people are very fond of Tireless Tracker but I just can't seem to find myself in a situation where I want to dump all my mana into the clues in this deck just to draw a card and up the counters on it. So I've decided to cut it for Oran-Rief Hydra to have an extra beater with trample.

Kamahl was also a mana hungry boy. I decided to try out the more affordable Vigor instead which pumps my stuff as well as protects it from damge. Not 100% certain of this choice yet, but playtesting will tell.


Smoothing out the land base. I ran out of basics to fetch too fast. Cutting a few utility lands that don't have too much value to get some more basics in:

Alchemist's Refuge - Too little things to want to play at instant speed. Already enough solitaire on my own turn.

Castle Vantress - I don't really need to use the scry ability

Temple of Mystery - Meh...

Yavimaya Coast - Mana fixing isn't really an issue and it's not fetchable so I cut it in favor of another basic.

Out: The Mending of Dominaria - In: Seasons Past - Faster recursion.

There was too much ramp, If the deck did it's thing right, I ended up with ramp spells with nothing to fetch. On the other side, I was often dropping 3 - 4 lands a turn with no payoffs. Therefore I cut some ramp/fetch in favor of some tutors:

Out: Sylvan Scrying - In: Worldly Tutor

Out: Roiling Regrowth - In: Green Sun's Zenith


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