Major rework and re-imagining of my Tatyova deck, going more for combo. Retreat to Coralhelm is kinda a big deal here, so I'm considering some of those janky artifacts that let you play a permanent from your library, so I can get the damn thing out and win off of it. I expect to fiddle with this a fair bit, but it's designed to win by getting infinite mana, or near enough to infinite (depending on the combo I've set up). The deck tries to find combos by digging through cards and getting lands out, as having my commander out means I draw a card for each land. Because of this strategy, to just dig by putting extra lands into play, the deck runs a ton of lands. I'm not sure if I really need that many.

The deck has lost most of it's interaction, and instead is pushing to win. It can go fairly wide even if it can't combo off, but the drop in counter magic might hurt, as could the loss of some removal spells.

Looking forward to using Inkmoth Nexus and Waker of the Wilds for a big infect creature, but it'll be open to board wipes, and it still relies on damage.


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