cEDH Tatyova Combo

Tatyova allows for the basic mechanic of playing lands to be used as a card draw and mana ramp engine, as you don't need to spend mana to play lands. So you can cast tatyova as early as turn 1 and win as early as turns 3-4


Tatyova, Benthic Druid + Walking Atlas / Sakura-Tribe Scout + Simic Growth Chamber / Oboro, Palace in the Clouds + Retreat to Coralhelm Tap one of the creatures, putting one of the lands that can return itself to your hand onto the battlefield. The land entering causes triggers from tatyova and retreat to coralhelm. Use the coralhelm to untap one of the creatures. For every instance where you draw a land off of tatyova's draw trigger, you can put that land onto the battlefield instead of using one of the bounce lands so you'll have more mana available to you just in case. You can keep doing this to draw your entire library.
If I have Tatyova, Benthic Druid, Ramunap Excavator or Crucible of Worlds, 3 Islands with at least 3 more mana, and any combination of cards in my deck to get 3 land drops each turn (easiest being Azusa, Lost but Seeking), and I cast Walk the Aeons paying the buyback cost by sacrificing 3 Islands, I have infinite turns and I can cast Thassa's Oracle or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries for the win.
Summer Bloom + Mystic Sanctuary + Zuran Orb + Ramunap Excavator or Crucible of Worlds + Tatyova or Horn of Greed As long as you have the 3 islands required for the mystic sanctuary trigger, this combo allows you to have infinite land drops for turn while being able to draw your entire deck and generate a high storm count so you can potentially win with Aetherflux Reservoir instead of the usual Thassa's Oracle or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries Also funny enough, if you don't have the zuran orb, you can actually use strip mine to destroy your own mystic sanctuary so you can still recur the lands back with ramunap excavator.
Stone-Seeder Hierophant + Zuran Orb or Sylvan Safekeeper + Drownyard Temple + Gaea's Cradle + Lotus Cobra This combo can work without lotus cobra but you wouldn't get infinite mana and you would need a different 3rd creature to at least get the infinite landfall triggers. The drownyard temple can be on the battlefield or in the graveyard. For explanation, I'll just say that I have all the above cards. So you would use the stone seeder to untap the cradle which taps for 3G, then use the 3 mana to activate the drownyard temple in the graveyard, however, if it's not in the grave but it's on the field, you would have to sacrifice it to sylvan safekeeper or to zuran orb to get it in the yard. If the safekeeper was used, then you would have to make sure you maintain priority, otherwise you would run out of targets with the safekeeper due to it giving shroud instead of hexproof to your creatures. Once the drownyard temple enters the battlefield, stone seeder and lotus cobra both trigger and you float any color of mana (preferably blue in case you need to use countermagic). Stone seeder untaps and you re-tap it to untap the cradle. Now you have a floating blue and the mana that you can produce from the cradle to re-use for the drownyard temple. Keep doing this netting mana from the lotus cobra which you can use to use for countermagic and casting tatyova to proceed to draw your deck.

Alternative Decklist

If you want to play tatyova, but you don't want to play it as a hyper fast combo deck, here's a decklist from a friend that plays it at the same power level but as a control deck. The way I describe the differences between our decks is that my deck is green with a splash of blue and his deck is blue with a splash of green. I prioritize speed while he prioritizes control.


If anyone as any questions or wants to talk to me or my friend about our tatyova decks, you can chat with us here


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