This is a dragon deck I have been building IRL, although I am putting it here to test it out, modify it, play with other people, and identify and fill its flaws.

My Tarkir Dragon Hoard Deck is a mid to late game build. Due to the expensive nature of most dragon creatures, and due to the reliance on creatures to win, the deck focuses on attempting to survive as long as possible to bring out larger and scarier dragons and combinations to defeat the opponent. In the opening turns, the deck has a number of instants and sorceries to allow the player to control the battlefield, removing early-game creatures, destroying enchantments, and trying to slow down the opponent's buildup. Eventually, the player will have enough mana to begin summoning the dragons. The deck also features legendary creatures with powerful abilities to bring your opponent to their knees. The longer the game lasts, the more power the player will gain until the enemy falls. The amount of damage the player can deal will rapidly rise, and getting stronger as the game progresses. The sheer mass number of extreme-damage flying creatures being buffed and bolstered with even further increased damage, double-strike, vigilance, and a growing dragon hoard with every attack and every dragon summoned, will eventually lead the player to claim victory in almost every prolonged battle. However the deck is especially prone to Black and Blue colors. If an opponent gains control before the player can in the first opening turns, it is already over for that player. The deck is also extremely weak in the early-game, as it has very few low-cost creatures to utilize, and many of them are very weak. Additionally, Mana is extremely important. Overflooding or running dry even once can cost the player the game if they happen to be that unlucky.

This deck is a Red/Green deck without Splash Colors.


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