The Back Story

If you're viewing this deck without READING THIS DESCRIPTION, then you're missing out big time! This deck is loaded with combo after combo after combo. There's one infinite combo in the deck but that's something hard to avoid whenever there's this much synergy. It is not something that I tutor though. This deck was originally a very mean deck that was all about taking your opponents creatures and sacking them to gain benefit. This proved to be very boring. People never wanted to play against a deck that revolved around taking their stuff and killing it. BUT because I loved the idea of Merieke as a commander, I had to figure out some ways to synergize with her other than the obvious theft and sacking. Although there is still several cards that synergize with creatures dying, what I decided to do was make the deck around her and lots of other creatures with tap abilities. The reason for this is because I already have around 10ish cards that revolve around untapping Merieke. Why not abuse other tap abilities as well?!

Theft, Death, and Benefits Baby!

With Merieke as your commander, you're obviously going to be taking creatures throughout the game and untapping her to destroy them. We're going to get the most out of all these creatures dying by playing cards like Black Market Shadows of the Past Pitiless Plunderer Thornbite Staff and Lazav, Dimir Mastermind . My 2 favorite cards in this category are Adarkar Valkyrie and Coffin Queen

Infinite Combo

So the only infinite combo in the entire deck is Fatestitcher + Vizier of Tumbling Sands + Illusionist's Bracers With the Bracers equipped to one of these creatures, you can go infinite tap abilities of anything you have on the field. Anything from Artifacts, to Lands, to Creatures! I'll explain how you would go infinite mana with this:

  1. Equip Bracers to Stitcher
  2. Tap a land
  3. Untap land with Vizier
  4. Untap Vizier and Land with the equipped Stitcher
  5. Tap Land and use Vizier to untap the equipped Stitcher
  6. Repeat step 4

This goes the exact same for cards like Arcanis the Omnipotent (Infinite card draw) or even a land equipped with Sunken Field (Infinite counter spell)

My favorite combo in the entire deck uses that setup but with Merieke Ri Berit and Adarkar Valkyrie on the field. You will infinitely steal and destroy your opponents creatures BUT they will return to the battlefield under your control after they die with infinite Valkyrie taps.

Why Give My Opponents Card Draw?

In this deck I have included several cards that draw me and my opponents cards:

  1. Anvil of Bogardan
  2. Font of Mythos
  3. Howling Mine
  4. Temple Bell
  5. Minds Aglow
  6. Whispering Madness
  7. Windfall
  8. Dictate of Kruphix
  9. Arcane Denial

REASON #1 One of the main win cons of this deck depends highly on the performance of my opponents decks. I NEED THEIR CREATURES. Card draw is, in my opinion, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MAGIC. Unfortunately most people don't include enough of it in their deck. Us drawing everyone cards allows their deck to run more consistently, which then makes our deck run more consistently.

REASON #2 I like to win BUT I also like to have fun. Having fun to me means that all the decks perform well and we have a good game. Unfortunately taking peoples stuff and killing it isn't all that fun for everyone. Drawing everyone cards and allowing their decks to run smoother definitely is. And that's the point of this deck, not to control the board immediately, but let them build a board state, think you're a friend, and get cocky right before you explode. I've also had several instances where people decided not to swing at me just because I was "helping them."

REASON #3 This last reason is short and sweet! Notion Thief Just when you're friends think that this is a group hug deck and that you're helping them out WAY TOO MUCH, pop this bad boy out and you'll turn these group draw spells into the BEST DRAW SPELLS IN MAGIC. He combos super well with all of them but specifically two. The first is Anvil of Bogardan While you're drawing your their additional card on each of their turns, they're still discarding at the beginning of each turn. Soon they'll be top decking and discarding that very card. The second is Minds Aglow You play this spell and convince your opponents to pay up some mana. After everyone pays BUT before it resolves, FLASH OUT NOTION THIEF and take every card they paid for!


As I said previously, this deck started off to be very mean and it was not fun the other people playing. Even though I have removed several of the tutors, sac outlets, and theft cards, this deck CAN BE very mean if you play it that way. I advise you not to. Its not fun. People will either refuse to play you, or they will start the game and not play any creatures in an attempt to make you hate your own deck. Play with other peoples interests in mind and DO NOT irresponsibly take creatures just because "its fun." ONLY take them when necessary. When it benefits you most. If they're attacking each other, let them. Matter of fact, make them attack each other by threatening them politically. Its fun for them and its fun for you.

Most importantly you have fun, let your friends have fun, then come in and TAKE the victory! Suggestions are welcome and appreciated!


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