A Tameshi deck. Using artifact lands and Mind Over Matter in conjunction with Tameshi, infinite mana and landfall can be achieved at sorcery speed. You could win using Thought Lash and Thoracle/Lab Maniac too.

Solitary Confinement is nifty since Tameshi can bring it back during your main phase if you decide you want to use your draw step. If you want to keep it active and do discard a card, artifact lands are a good discard choice since they are cheap to return to the battlefield.

Mystic Remora is used similarly--only 2 mana (and the land bounce) to bring back.

Mind Over Matter is the funky way of finishing things. With an artifact land in the graveyard and another on the battlefield, they can easily be cycled around (at sorcery speed, of course). Tap the artifact land and/or a white source, discard the artifact land in hand, use M.O.M.'s ability to untap a white source (if needed), then activate Tameshi's ability, bouncing the battlefield artifact land to your hand and the graveyard land to the battlefield. Repeat as necessary to do whatever funky things you wish to do.

Other things you can do are Krark Clan Ironworks-ing 0 mana artifacts and abusing ye olde Walking Atlas and Retreat to Coralhelm combo to get infinite colorless until you get Lotus Bloom in the graveyard. If you happen to have Mind Stone or Commander's Sphere, you can just draw your deck. Get all your lands out there and Hedron Crab your opponents, perhaps? Lab Maniac or Thoracle, perchance? If you don't have Ironworks out, you can still get in on the fun infinite Urza's Baubling. It's pretty fun (for you) once it gets going.


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