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"Take them all and die"

Well he does look pretty after all

Our general led us into battle on a rainy day, we weren't long from the so called darkened graveyard where we were supposed to meat up with the rest before the final battle, but what we didn't knew was that there lived an ancient creature underneath the earth in these lands. Once it became dark and we had about a days walk ahead of us we camped for the night. While we were eating the remains from yesterdays hunt, old Pine as we called him talked about this myth of a creature, a wurm so big it could devour whole dragons if not even the great leviathans of the sea. "Manifestly", he said "this creature used to slaughter whole nations of men in the ancient times without reasoning, it did it due to fun, it fancied killing, it loved the smell of blood and massacre". The other men and most of my friends went to sleep with a smile on their face because they thought the story was funny and nothing to worry about, as for me I wasn't exactly in a good mood. My father always said that most myths was pure fabrications but that some on the other hand wasn't to be joked about. The next day after 7 hours of walk we met with the other half as planned, but something was unusually strange. There was no enemy to be seen even though we were capable of seing miles from where we were. I spotted a bone sticking up from the ground and told everybody to pay attention. But as general Redritch pulled the bone of the ground, the earth itself suddenly started shaking. I heard an army, I smelled men, I felt the trample, but I saw a feast! My fellow brothers were running around screaming and terryfied, it was clear from the look of their expression that they had seen hell. I just stood there without moving as much as a single nerve, as the great wurm was slaughtoring my friends and brothers, those I were bond to protect... Blood, blood were everywhere flying through the air with the speed of sound. we were defenseless, the big wurm were flawless, it just fattened itself in our kind as if we were flies stuck in a spiders net. Now im standing here in the very last moment of my life preparing myself to face the same death as my brothers laying torn apart around me, the last thing I do is peing myself.


And thank you all so much for 50 upvotes and 3000 wievs plus, it really means a lot that you like what I spend some of my freetime doing for fun, I love magic, I love this comunnity and all of you guys (and girls) #nohomo...

If you wish, go check out some of my other decks at my profile Pinkyplys and feel free to comment ;)


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Thanks to all of you who have suggested and upvoted on the deck so far! I really appriciate it, but here starts a new erra <3 Go comment :)

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