This deck is the first commander deck I made, all the way back in 2017~. It's one of my favorites and I always love to play it. As a Boros Voltron deck, it is stronger in 1v1 situations but I try to make it as competitive as I can while remaining on theme, consistent, and fun.

This and Boros-style combat are the only ways you will win games but this deck is optimized for Tajic's end of the deal. Wholistically speaking, this deck is more creature heavy simply so that we will always have creatures to trigger battalion. Said creatures have been chosen for durability/evasion, token creation, or some other special effect. There are some cards that give Tajic himself evasion: Break Through the Line, Subira, Tulzidi Caravanner, and Whispersilk Cloak all work very well for unblockable attacks.

A Note on Equipment

My prevailing idea on equipment was if Tajic isn't making it to 11 power, you are not decreasing the number of times he has to hit our opponents for lethal commander damage. Many equipment I put in are there because they came with a creature and thus were not specifically for Tajic (i.e. Glimmer Lens, Komainu Battle Armor, Bitterthorn, Nissa's Animus, etc). Double strike is our favorite buff appearing on Embercleave, Lizard Blades, and Bladehold War-Whip, and these in particular are meant for Tajic.

Creature Shoutouts

Gideon himself likes to accompany Tajic. I put in 3 of him with Gideon Blackblade being the best one, though in general, they are all great at making sure our other creatures survive as well. Oketra the True is a durable token generator that can also swing if we have enough creatures.

Of all the evasive creatures, Soltari Guerrillas is my favorite as it is a rarely played card, no one plays shadow to block, and they are like a lightning bolt on a stick. Gustcloak Runner is a 1-drop that fits in well too as it will rarely die from combat.

Legion Warboss is one of the better token generators. Unlike Skyknight Vanguard or Hanweir Garrison  , he creates before combat, which allows the token to be counted for the battalion trigger on Tajic. Keeper of the Accord is also one of the better generators as he can potentially make the tokens on other turns leaving them ready for combat.

I also use a few lands as token generators or as creatures making them vital recovery tools. Castle Ardenvale and Adanto, the First Fort   are solid generators while Mutavault, and Mishra's Factory are the cheapest man-lands out there. Den of the Bugbear manages to be a man-land and a token generator albeit at a higher cost.

There are few spells in this deck in favor of creatures but there are a few things to take note of.


Settle the Wreckage, Chaos Warp, Generous Gift, Teferi's Protection, Akroma's Will, and Tibalt's Trickery can all be tutored with Sunforger! This means we can board wipe an attack, remove targets, phase out, cast a finisher, or even counter spells by using the sunforger.

Additionally, there is a Savage Beating because it is a great finisher and Heliod's Intervention as mass removal of artifacts/enchantments.


Among our sorceries Sevinne's Reclamation helps us reuse many of our useful creatures. The other sorceries are board wipes, which often give us a clean shot for a powerful attack; Fell the Mighty and Dusk / Dawn leave our small creatures free to attack.

Mentor of the Meek and Welcoming Vampire are great forms of card draw and will trigger almost every time draw you a card when you play a creature. Tome of Legends and Glimmer Lens are both consistent sources of card draw due to our frequent attacking. Akiri, Fearless Voyager is a strong form of card draw since we have 10 equipment (not to mention it protects creatures thus preserving our cards drawn). Esper Sentinel is great in multi-player if he sticks around.

The sideboard contains a bunch of cards I considered and suggestions accrued when building this deck. Some are alternates, some I just don't know what to take out to make space for them.

Currently, I am thinking of removing Herald's Horn since this deck has become much lighter on soldiers (13 counting Tajic). Also, I am currently interested in changing the board wipes in the deck. Of note are Urza's Sylex, White Sun's Twilight, and The Battle of Bywater. I like the Sylex but sorcery speed activation is concerning, making it a 7 mana wipe that equalizes lands.

Suggestions are always accepted and please feel free to give your opinion! If you play this deck or one like it, tell me how some cards play out!

I hope you like it; remember to upvote!


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