Keep in mind this deck is under construction and many cards are simply placeholders until I find cards sufficiently competitive enough to fill these slots. I am also unfamiliar with Modern as a whole and any suggestions are appreciated..!

Upon seeing Aria of Flame spoiled I was immediately reminded of Tainted Remedy and the brewmaster in me gave in to the urge to make a decklist around the card. The current list doesn't run Aria of Flame as I haven't found cards with enough payoff in red to justify the inclusion, it working particularly well with Grove of the Burnwillows , but any excuse I can get to include them would be appreciated.

As I'm unfamiliar with Modern and the manabases as a whole for the format, suggestions specifically to that end would be appreciated as well...!

PS. Any cards in the sideboard/maybeboard currently are cards that have been suggested previously and I am either unsure of their viability, whether to main/sideboard them and how many of each to run.


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