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Szat and Rograkh the Reanimator and the Sac outlet

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Straight forward deck.

1) Ramp as fast you can.

2) Draw more than your opponents. Just keep killing Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh with Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools. (thats the point of having rograkh)

3) Start playing big creatures.

4) They conspire againt you.

5) Star killing your own creatures with the many cards this deck has and do a lot of harm. Like having a Blood Artist or something similar

6) Your friends are way to annyoing and they dont let that happend and they destroy the board. It's ok just reanimate one big as creature or you know all your graveyard Living Death and then keep having fun.

8) Or just kill them with the old fashion way. You will have A LOT OF MANA AND I MEAN A LOTT, so just search your deck for Torment of Hailfire or our old favourite garyyyyyy emm i mean (Gray Merchant of Asphodel).

For those who will start saying ohh he plays Cabal Coffers without Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth what a bad player. I am sorry i don t have it yet so... It's still really good tho without it

And yea you can always fit a nice Toxic Deluge and a Rise of the Dark Realms they can help a lot. (Dont have either of them but i would replace probably Mutilate and Necromantic Selection for them)

Thank you everyone for watching my dead emm i mean my deck. If you have any suggestion let me know i want ways to improve the deck more (and i have some things in mind of how to change it but i need to see what to remove for them).

((Go down to my updates to see some of my ideas for the deck which i might do in the near future and let me know what you think about them too.))


Updates Add

I was thinking of replacing some cards and add some new ones but i don't know what to remove for them.

1) Castle Locthwain for Geier Reach Sanitarium. Ngl wasn't using that often the lochtwain ability. Also sanitarium gives me that nice discard (mostly why i want to put it) which i dont have that much in the deck. Discard a creature, probably i have a reanimate card in my hand and tada.

2) Swamp for Malakir Rebirth  Flip. I forgot this card existed, really really good with this deck.

3) Expedition Map for Moonsilver Key. This is kinda risky because you wont be able to bring Cabal Coffers anymore but i want to put moonsilver key cause i can bring Gauntlet of Power, Caged Sun, Ashnod's Altar, Sol Ring. I think moonsilver is more flexible, i have tokens i bring ashnods, i have a lot of mana late game i bring gauntlet, i have it early game why not a sol ring.

4) Promise of Power for Peer into the Abyss. Promise of power is quite good i wont argue with that and i am not completely sure about peer unless if i try it but being able to draw half my deck at discard phase discard some creatures and keep a good reanimate spell and win of that. Or make the opponent lose half his life and then attack him or let him die of aristocrat effect.

5) Necromantic Selection for Finale of Eternity. Necromantic aint the best removal for sure neither finale of eternity but finale can be good in mid game too by destroying some powerful low toughness creatures or late game of reanimating all our creatures and destroying 3 big as targets.

6) Disciple of Bolas for Smothering Abomination. I rly dont like disciple i dont know why he is not bad at all preference i guess. I wanted to try abomination cause he can also give a lot of card draw and he helps me sacrifice a few creatures as well for some effects.

7) Dread Summons for Curse of the Restless Dead. Wanted something for earlier tokens, and always someone plays with a ramp deck so even more value.

8) Liliana Vess for Final Parting. I pref of finding 2 cards at once rather one one and put on top of my library and i was rarely using her +1 and her ult. So i believe final parting is just better, gonna try it tho and see how it works.

9) a swamp for Bubbling Muck. I think muck is just insane for this deck i can throw stuff earlier andhave an advantage from the beginning of the game. Like i throw this with 4 swamps and i have 6 more mana and start playing big stuff. Its also really good for late game cause imagine gettting this while you mana 10 swamps down and have 1 win con like Exsanguinate in hand your pretty much double its value. I think its worth removing a land for it. Gonna see tho i aint 100% yet on what to remove. If you have any ideas let me know

New cards for the deck that i wanna use.

Gisa, Glorious Resurrector (i love her she might not be perfect for the deck but i absolutely love her) and was thinking of Wand of Orcus but i probably wont put it


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