Hello friends! I know their should be more here, but for right now while I'm testing, I'll leave it blank!

"Sythis should've been a Demigod" is an Enchantress/goodstuff deck. I'm still working on more win-cons than just Siona+ Shielded by Faith, so if you've got any suggestions, feel free to lemme know!

"With the mention of the god's name, the stars shimmered, and the bear form above dissolved. In its place the stars moved into the shape of a face, a woman's face, the most wonderful face Cilissa had ever seen, the face of the god Karametra. Cilissa could not describe that face except she knew it was a face of warmth and love. The face was looking at her, and only her, and the god's eyes held Cilissa's eyes as the face seemed to grow out from the starfield above, grow out and down until that face enveloped the whole of the clearing, surrounding each and every child, but Cilissa most of all. You are loved, Child, a voice whispered to her, as the face dissolved in a shimmering display of warm sparks that kissed her face and body like soft dandelions brushing against the skin."


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