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sythis harvester of hands

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enchantress sythis mid-low budget (not pennies, not hundreds)

two cards I would suggest are Argothian Enchantress and Greater Auramancy

if you want to tune up the deck and free a slot, you could remove Abundance and slot in as many fetchlands as you can afford (ie: windswepth heath, Misty Rainforest, Arid Mesa, and any of the off-colored fetchlands. This can also help fetch the duals needed to fix all the colors.

in classic fashion for me, the mana curve and average cmc of the deck is super low, so that I may skimp a little on ramp and land count, able to include as many synergies as possible.

in this deck it is pretty safe to go down to 0 cards in the deck provided you have something that prevents draw steps (island sanctuary, solitary confinement or abundance provided you know what is left in your library). In a position where you can't die, make sure you remove your own card draw enchantments and use mana outlets such as Heliod to pump out tokens.

this build can consistently play it's library by turn 10, but I am still looking for a way to expedite that proccess.


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