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Syr Gwyn, Armorer of Knights

Commander / EDH Aggro Equip Knights RBW (Mardu)



Gameplay Mission: Combine cheap +X/+X equipment and combat-focused knights before summoning Syr Gwyn to neutralize equip costs and draw in reinforcements through targeted attacks. Attack in either a Voltron or go-wide strategy depending on your opponents and the overall board state. Defend yourself from counterattacks and outlast your opponents with vigilance, lifelink, and tokens.

Power Cards ($5-10): Battle Angels of Tyr, Sword of the Animist, The Reaver Cleaver

Sleeper Cards: Burning Anger, Vulshok Gauntlets, Dispatch, Sunforger, Axgard Armory, Access Tunnel

Possible Edits

EVALUATE balance of knights vs. equipment (try to maximize Syr Gwyn's card draw effect?)

During Game

Remember Syr Gwyn's card draw ability and moving equipment around before and after combat

Swords to Plowshares can be used to remove your own knight token with temporary P/T boost from equipment if running low on life

Try to spread out swords and attack equipment onto multiple knights instead of loading everything onto Syr Gwynn

Move Whispersilk Cloak to another creature to allow the first creature to be targeted

Use Burning Anger's tap ability on Syr Gwyn post-combat for removal or direct damage effect

Use Sunforger to tutor for Boros Charm, Dispatch, Path to Exile, or Swords to Plowshares (can't fetch adventure knights)

Use equipment tutors for either Colossal Hammer or Whispersilk Cloak in most situations (Axgard Armory can also fetch an aura)


24 knights (includes a saga and two sorceries) + 16 equipment (14 provide P/T boost)

Similar to Command Zone deck which has 27 knights and 19 equipment

9 sources of vigilance

3 sources of double strike

5 sources of lifelink (includes Vault of the Archangel)

9 lands that ETB tapped (24% of total)

5 colorless non-fetch lands (14% of total)

Deck Notes

Adapted from "Knight's Charge" Brawl pre-con deck

See Budget EDH video for a version of this deck with lower CMC aggro strategy

Kept the focus on cards that trigger when knights attack, not when they die (e.g. Syr Alin vs. Syr Konrad)

Kept equipment focused on +X/+X and protection (e.g. no Moonsilver Spear)

Avoided +1/+1 anthems since these aren't as effective as +X/+X equipment after creature boardwipes

Uses more multi lands than other decks b/c no green spells to help with ramp and mana fixing

Haste, lifelink, and menace are very helpful in this deck - used some knights and equipment that include these

Vigilance is also helpful but Syr Gwyn can move equipment around for free if a different knight is better suited to attacking

Card Notes

Valiant Endeavor also functions as a selective boardwipe

Righteous Confluence can also serve as enchantment removal

Akiri also helps with protection

Forging the Tyrite Sword also helps with ramp

Uses Kaya’s Ghostform instead of Gods Willing b/c the latter doesn’t help with boardwipes and sacrifice spells

Lockets help with card draw in late game but earlier ramp from the signets is very helpful with getting equipment out

Puresteel Paladin was included at first only draws a card one out of every 5 spells

Icon of Ancestry was included in Brawl deck but would need 33 knights to result in reliable card draw

Circle of Loyalty and Knights Charge were also in the brawl deck but wasn't ending up with enough knights on the board to be effective

Not currently using Embercleave because of the same reason for Circle of Loyalty


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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