Brokkos, Apex of Forever

- Sultai Mutant Infect -

The shear amount of power & flexiblity the Mutate mechanic lends to the otherwise permanently static list of underwhelming Infect creatures, is outstanding. And to that end, Sultai colors is objectively the best Tri-colored combination for Infect. For starters, Sultai has access to all but 7 sources of Poison Counters in the entire game.

Either Sultai Mutate Commander can potentially turn any (non-Human) creature with Infect into a 6/6 Infect Trample for only 4-5 mana. However, I feel that Brokkos edges out Otrimi due to the former's ability to effectively cheat the Commander Tax by simply being able to be Mutated straight out of the Graveyard..

So like some kind of a nightmarish case of genital warts, no matter how many you may burn away, they will aways spring back up, more resilient than before, again, and again... and again...

Most of my Commander decks contain at least some measure of Infect as a back-up Wincon, usually via enablers such as Tainted Strike and/or Grafted Exoskeleton. However, this is my first "dedicated" Infect deck in the format; where not only am I running a full stable of creatures with Infect, but also things that would otherwise be unusable jank like Virulent Wound and Pistus Strike..

The general, TL;DR philosophy of the deck can summed up as: - "Who cares how much "life" they may think they have, I'm counting down each of their "real" life total(s) with an individual d10! Mwah-Hahahahah!!"

The gameplan is pretty straightforward, and dare I say, even fair..

  1. Play what Ramp, mana rocks, & cheap(ish) creatures with Infect you can on-curve, and then "give-the-HIV" to your opponents ASAP.

  2. Continue attacking whenever possible while juicing up via Mutations, +1/+1 Counters, etc.

  3. Close the game out through the pincer-attack of Proliferating existing (+1/+1 & Poison) Counters, and the relentless assault of our ever-growing, Syphilis Elemental & friends..

1-hit KO's..

Any one of the following cards can make a clean hit from our Nightmare Syphilis Elemental unconditionally lethal..


(Simic Ascendancy is a thing too)..

non-Lands: 67/67

+ Lands: 27/33

Total: 94/100


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