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SYesTTD - Phelddagrif and the joy of Giving!

Commander / EDH Group Hug GWU (Bant)


Welcome to Episode 3 of Say Yes to the Deck on Brews and Builds! This deck was built by BigTuck for Mr. Combo #5

Well Mc5 wanted a REAL group hug deck...and big tuck is here to deliver!

As we go into the Holiday season, it's easy to forget how much Angel's Grace and a Joyous Respite can be felt by simple favors and "way too close and why are you breathing so hard" hugs. To celebrate this idea, I finally put together a true Hug deck for our gracious Fellow Host, with most if not all cards having the "draw back" of generating some sort of 'gift' for your opponents, wither it be mana, creatures, or just straight value.

Don't worry, I still left in a bunch of staples that will force your opponents to be in a Charitable mood as well that are MC5 auto includes. Also, there are Win-cons in the deck, but they end the way Mc5 likes to win the most: through nonsensical means!


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