Sydri galvanic genius

Prized win is to infinitely steal the other players turn by using Mindslaver,and bringing it back by turning into a creature with the commander, and activating Nim Deathmantle

This is a vehicle deck where the commander can turn vehicles into creatures for 1 mana in addition to some realball busting moves such as giving Caltrops, or Staff of Nin deathtouch.

Another good one is to use Arcum Dagsson to sac a mana rock you turn into a creature to pull out a win conditions.

for 1 mana giving lifelink, and deathouch to Parhelion II and making it a 8/8 is probably the strongest use of the a commanders ability

Current composition of the fundamentals in the deck looks something like this

17 vehicles and 4+cmc artifacts to turn into creatures
15 creatures
13 ramp
12 removal cards
7 tutor
7 draw

Still fixing the lands, but that wont be a problem.

Feedback appreciated

built as a budget deck


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