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Hi guys this is literally the most fun i have ever had playing magic and i wanted to share it with you. firstly, if you have any suggestions for the deck, please comment down bellow! Im going to admit, it doesnt win every time, but it is soooo powerful and is so much fun to play. basicly.....get doubling season and things go crazy! Though the combos are not somthing to stive towards, they are fun to play if they turn up in your hand. this deck can easily win without combos.

Few great combos:Doubling Season + Jace, Architect of Thought + Wheel of Sun and Moon = play every non land card in each other players deck, basicly you play their cards and win on the spot.

Everflowing Chalice + Tezzeret the Seeker + The Chain Veil = infinite activations of your plainswalkers. for this one the chalie has to be on 4 to activate the chain veil but if it is on 5 then you also get infinite colourless mana.

most of the time if you play doubling season and you play a plainswalker you can ultimate them instantly. if you have any plainswalker that makes tokens dont forget you get double tokens too.

Doubling Season + Ral Zarek + The Chain Veil = effectively means you have infinite turns, because you play him and ultimate instantly, get extra turns and in each extra turn you activate The Chain Veil and use Ral Zarek +1 to untap it to activate it twice each extra turn.


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