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Trying to make a fun Golgari deck based 100% off of cards I already have. My friends play casual, so I'm going to be leaving some holes in here so it's fun for both players. I'm willing to go out and buy some commons though. My local store has all commons 4/ $1, and a lot of cheap uncommons. I Mostly use this deck against newer players that are still learning to play.

The general concept here is to stall out with Slitherhead , Korozda Guildmage, and the like until i can get a big beater in the form of Deadbridge Goliath or big ol' Ooze from Slime Molding . I also love using Jarad's Orders to pick up either a Dreg Mangler or Deadbridge Goliath in my hand, and then putting Slitherhead into the graveyard for an instant +1+1. The entire deck is $10-$20.

It also features a LOT of keywords in it that i'll be able to explain to the new players. Flying, X costs, regeneration, intimitadte, haste, lifelink, and more.


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Just clearing up the comments and reorganizing the description. I've also been able to play this deck a lot against people learning the game. One of the few decks I run that people LOVE playing against.

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