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New Standard, Old Combo

Hey there everybody! New Standard is now upon us and in looking for a decent budget deck, I thought, well, there has to be at least ONE infinite combo in standard. That’s essentially how my first list was constructed (spoiler alert it wasn’t very good). After some testing I realized I had to change my tactics. Thanks to a suggestion by stensiagamekeeper, I decided to make it a lifegain shell with the combo as a win condition.

Why Combo?

What did I just hear?!?!? ALWAYS choose combo, there is no why, JUST DO IT. In all seriousness, combo usually matches well against most of the archetypes. However, my problem with my first list was, even with tutors and removal, that I died before I could pull off this combo. This led to lifegain which gives me a long enough clock to combo off or finish my opponent through combat (thanks flyers).

What Combo?

Okay so I’ve told you why to play, now what are you playing? Behold! Famished Paladin + Sorcerer's Wand equipped + a lifelink source like On Serra's Wings or Squire's Devotion enchanting Famished Paladin . Proceed to tap and untap for infinite damage and infinite life.

What about those other cards?

I’m going to use this section to explain the other cards in this deck.

Ajani's Pridemate : This card goes ballistic especially when you give it lifelink. All around good blocker and definitely a finisher.

Bishop's Soldier : Well rounded card that can usually sneak past control. In the end, I used it because it was somewhat playable.

Diamond Mare : A very nice blocker for turn two. It also gains life when we cast things so it is slightly better than Ajani's Presence .

Forerunner of the Legion : Mainly to search for Famished Paladin , but quite a few of our creatures are vampires too! The ETB is just gravy.

Healer's Hawk : The best card in standard? I think so! I’ve turn one Healer's Hawk into a turn two 3/3 Ajani's Pridemate . I’m currently running four but that can always change.

Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle : This card is REALLY good against token decks. It can also be tutored and triggered by Forerunner of the Legion

Shalai, Voice of Plenty : I ended up selling my Resplendent Angel but hey! Shalai is awesome and I've been meaning to put her in the deck for a while.

Ajani's Presence : A nice one drop that can really start adding up, especially in the late game.

Dawn of Hope : Card draw AND a mana sink? Yes please! I’m extremely pleased with this card and its performance so far. Decent against tokens, control, and aggro.

Ixalan's Binding : Decent Removal. The last ability has saved me so many times. Honestly, it's become a pet card of mine.

Seal Away : Scary efficient removal in white. Fantastic against aggro and in reality any attacker or utility creature.

Revitalize : One of the weaknesses of the deck is its lack of card draw. This card solves that and sets us ahead of the game. I’m not saying it’s great, but it does work and fulfill its purpose.

The Light Side

On to the 15 card sideboard!

Invoke the Divine : Artifact/enchantment removal with lifegain stapled on. It check the boxes on what I’m looking for.

Luminous Bonds : Stops aggro in its tracks. What more could I ask for?

Sentinel Totem : Gives card advantage and deals with graveyard decks. Easily one of the best cards to control graveyards.

Citywide Bust : It's decent, cheap removal and takes out Doom Whisperer

Sphinx’s Decree : Certainly not the best way to stop control decks, but it works. I cast this before I combo off.

Suncleanser : Kind of specific but it counters Runaway Steam-Kin so I’m happy with it.

Combo Wombo

That’s all I’ve got for now, sorry for such big changes without an announcement. In the future, I’ll warn about updates etc. NOW GO FORTH MY FELLOW COMBO PLAYERS AND MAKE THIS STANDARD LIKE MODERN!!!!!! Also please leave suggestions.


Updates Add

Unfortunately I had to sell my Resplendent Angel but that's what happens when you play commander, am I right?

To replace the angel, I put Shalai, Voice of Plenty in the mainboard and Citywide Bust in the sideboard.

Also, I just want to thank everybody for being so supporting!!!

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