hi guys this is my take on Heliod, Sun-Crowned the deck tries to get value out of lifegain and win either with an army of small creatures, that get buffed by heliod, or by having more than 40 life and having Felidar Sovereign on the field. Another option is killing your opponents with Aetherflux Reservoir . We run a bunch of protection spells to keep our key creatures or our entire board protected. The deck also includes a lot of cards that benefit from gaining life. The Deck is combo free. We instead use Heliod, Sun-Crowned as an engine. With our commander on the field we get a lot of value from gaining life.

We run a lot of artifacts for card draw and ramp. Therefore it's actually not that easy to get your devotion up to 5. It's not that big of a problem, because the engine from Heliod, Sun-Crowned is still going, but Heliod, Sun-Crowned should not be underestimated as a good blocker and beatstick, because he can grow large with all the counters and is indestructable. If you want to beat your opponents with Heliod, Sun-Crowned more ofter try running cards like Linden, the Steadfast Queen


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MH2 looks pretty insane. Heliod, Sun-Crowned didn't got too much support, but Esper Sentinel looks great. The baseline is really great, but with Heliod we can buff him even more, increasing the Tax on the first noncreature spell of our opponents. All the key creatures of the deck have a cmc of 1 so Abiding Grace should be a great inclusion. Blossoming Calm has great potential against certain decks, but is to situational and doesn't make the cut! Solitude is great removal, hard casting it is not that bad, because you get a good body with lifelink for 5 mana. Being able to cast it for "free" is nice! So we have to make room for three cards. We already have a lot of graveyard recursion so Rest in Peace has to go, Idyllic Tutor only purpose is to get rest in peace in hand, that gets removed as well. Last but not least Abzan Battle Priest didnt feel that great so it gets cut for the moment!


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