Rebuilding my first real commander deck I ever made

My take on yarok. It's built as a midrange value deck with an emphasis on interaction. I've tried to limit the amount of value ETB effects because I think that the deck already has plenty of value, and in order to truly outvalue 3 people at once, you gotta find a way to consistently answer their own wincons.

The built in wincons of this deck are Avenger of Zendikar plus Craterhoof Behemoth (which ofc is pod-able) and Gray Merchant of Asphodel ETB repeated as many times as possible. But this is a value deck, so quick wins aren't what the deck is built for. More often than not it's best to just let yarok do its thing and outvalue opponents to win.

Generate value wisely. Dont just play yarok on curve just to have it removed. You will be targeted. Its better to keep things handled with removal n shit first. The deck should be pretty easy to play otherwise, just make sure to not overextend into something stupid.

Suggestions always welcome :)


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