Feather sunforger paradox engine combo deck. Feather is this decks value engine that allows us to play large amount of cantrips without feeling bad by doing so. Feather supported card draw helps to find combo pieces and progress the game plan. Main combo of the deck involves us getting sunforger and possesing large amount of manarocks to produce atleast 3WR worth of mana. To begin use sunforgers ability when you have draw a card effect available (upkeep or cantrip ready to go) go fetch enlightened tutor with sunforger and cast it to search paradox engine. draw and cast paradox engine. now you can cast any spells you have for extra mana and equip now detached sunforger and go search again. each search gives you paradox engine trigger so you can float mana from your rocks and go search plenty of instants. Most Direct way to kill opponent while going off with paradox engine/sunforger involves you getting silence so your opponents wont interrupt you mid combo. Then go seach for some extra mana in form or rituals such as pyretic ritual, desperate ritual or seething song. when you have plenty of extra mana and no worriers of interaction you can go find Searing touch and pay its buyback cost which returns searing touch to your hand. now you can spam searing touch to kill all opponents since each buybacked searing touch will reset your manarocks with paradox engine. Similarly if searing touch is exiled or othervise unavailable you can use reiterate + buyback+ mana ritual + paradox engine with rocks to generate infinite mana and then use buybacked reiterate together with sunforger to search and copy lightning bolts to blast all opposition to pieces. if Paradox engine is unavailable or in exile we can still try to win game with one of our back up infinite combos before attempting combat damage win as last resort. Our back up infinite combos in this deck are to be used instead or together with our main game plan. There is kiki-jiki+village bell ringer combo and dualcaster mage+ twinflame combo in case we need something more direct than throwing sunforger around.


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