Main Idea:

  • Surveil + Haste + Tutoring/Recursion + Etrara = fast wins?

Secondary Objectives:

  • Lazav gives flexibility to red creatures (le torch), is tutorable, & benefits from surveil.


  • Agonies also has lots of targets, benefits from surveil, & is tutorable. Is kind of meant for a longer game than this will go.
  • Bedevil gives me more clear.... maybe I need this one day?
  • Samut may be cheese, but another haste source. He uses forests... but he gives haste... I think I have enough haste.


  • Rush - should be able to get key pieces fast, have stall pieces for rush
  • Ramp - removing large creatures should be easily
  • Streamlined - very clear idea: get Etrata out asap (via tutor or recursion), give her haste, strike face 3 times as fast a possible, gg


  • Key Pieces - Lazav is kind of the only surveil recursion (Enhanced Surveillance can but not really).
  • Tri-color - Mana could be an issue. Directly playing red could can be awkward sometimes.
  • Conditional - Tutoring requires enemy to help you by killing creatures.
  • Draw - Surveil isn't draw. I may need more than disinformation.
  • Wide Boards - I don't have any wipe. :(


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