Use the opponent's creatures against themselves and sacrifice them.

Use Harness by Force (multiple creatures), Hijack (creature or artifact), and Wrangle (small creatures) to control the opponent's side. Recently added Tentative Connection (with Elite Headhunter, Insolent Neonate, or Angrath, Captain of Chaos) for a 1 drop control. Captivating Crew is a permanent source of control. Sacrifice with Makeshift Munitions then use Furnace Celebration if you have the mana.

After controlling a creature, use Hazoret's Favor and attack the player, then use Heartfire to take out another creature or hit the player again.

Blood Aspirant, Elite Headhunter, and Insolent Neonate used to sacrifice creatures with extra damage from Furnace Celebration.

Sacrificing creatures create tokens through Anax, Hardened in the Forge and power up Blood Aspirant.

Tokens from Angrath, Captain of Chaos and Anax, Hardened in the Forge can be used as ammo if you have enough mana for sacrifice, but not enough to control your opponent's creatures.

Might add Kazuul's Fury   or swap it with Heartfire.

Decided against Weaponize the Monsters, because I'm more interested in reducing by sacrifice than by damage.


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