My take on a very fun card Thousand-Year Storm. As a neat back up plan I run a full playset of Arclight Phoenix because of the great burst damage and ease of getting it into the yard. The 2 main board Niv-Mizzet, Parun also give you a chance vs control and if your allowed to untap with it you could win on the spot with all the draw effect in here. I also find that the all star of the deck is Pirate's Pillage. It draws+ ramps and also enables Arclight Phoenix. In the broad I'm packing a play set of Goblin Electromancer that's meant to be the focus of my transformative side replacing the storms 4 Crackling Drake and 2 Murmuring Mystic to complete the izzet drakes look and the rest of the side is extra removal + wipes to fight aggro.

Any comments or suggestions you could make is very much appreciated. Thank you.


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Added 3 Discovery / Dispersal in place of 1 Blink of an Eye and 2 Radical Idea.


2-1 vs rakdos burn

2-1 vs mono white tokens

2-0 vs jeskai control

0-2 vs izzet drakes


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