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Storage counters + Debt to deathless = ???

Commander / EDH GWUB


This deck is heavily inspired on this one. If youre not in a budget go check it out


This deck is the product of a very control heavy, combo heavy meta, and has a lot of room for improvement.

Before you start saying why not play Stax, well let me tell you; in my playgroup theres a derevi player that has threatened to play Stax if the table started doing so and tbh, i dont wanna face off one of the most broken commanders in its final form. Not only that but Breya is also in the pool, and god knows what can happen if my buddy starts putting some more tutors into his deck. (they're soft banned in our table, thats why i run Diablic Tutor instead of other better ones).

Okay no Stax, why not Flash+Hulk youre in the colors? Well both Hulk and Flash are banned in our table so yeah, no way.


So yea title isnt all click baity, tbh im terrible with names, but how does this deck win. Well you have two options:

Encore: Early Plague Myr + Lots of proliferate. This is more of a cheese alternative you cant really ignore.


Well your starting hand has to be good, this deck wins if you can draw a lot. For that mulligan aggressively, until you get a card draw engine in your hand. Rhystic Study, Mystic Remora, Necropotence (its a bit black intensive so keep with care), are all cards youre looking for in your opening hand, one of this will suffice. Search for Azcanta  /Narset, Parter of Veils isnt bad either. Dont be afraid to go down to 6 cards. Ramp + Contagion Engine is good too. Avoid hands that dont set you up for success, having your win cons or your enablers (cards like Veil of Summer) in your hand isnt good the majority of times.

During the early game try and ramp, play Atraxa, proliferate ramp, and get those card draw engines going. Dont be afraid of letting your commander die. If players waste resources on your commander so be it, think that you are playing a lot of ramp in this deck so playing your commander repeatable times and getting it countered or removed actually puts your opponents at a card disadvantage since you can play it again.

Midgame is when you want to start leaving mana open for answers. This deck has a lot of answers that draw cards. By this time youre probably saving your enchantments and artifacts. Do it. Dont let your proliferate dreams be just dreams. The deck walkers are also strong. Dont be afraid to -2 Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, and Liliana Vess to try and get your cards out. Dont waste lots of resources defending them tho, remember your plan, if Tamiyo draws you 2-3 cards and pulls a reaction card from someone then thats a win in your book. Same with Lily. Your walkers are servants to your wincon, not the other way around. However if you can, try to Deepglow Skate your Tamiyos. You can tutor cards for it.

Lategame is when it gets spicy. By now youre probably looking to draw as many cards as you can, searching for your powerful spells to end the game.


Well manabase is kind of a mess. Its functional but its nowhere near ideal. This is not a budget deck but its also not on the high end of spending. If you have the cash, try out

Besides the obvious $$$ mana rocks like Mana Vault and the likes.

Also id like to get sometime


Updates Add

Well a lot has changed now, let me go through the details.

The deck needs more interaction to win and while it had a lot of card draw, the deck felt like it wasnt going anywhere.


Coalition Relic is out. Jeweled Amulet is in. Its kinda the same but i feel like Amulet's faster.

Card draw:

Phyrexian Arena, Dark Tutelage, Underworld Connections are out. They're too slow, so i changed them for card selection Brainstorm, Preordain, Ponder are in. If you can run away with it then sure, but i gotta go fast lol. Also i added Enlightened Tutor so fetching Rhystic Study and Mystic Remora now is easier. Frantic Search is in... its not draw, but its insane at instant speed.


Diabolic Tutor is out. As i said Enlightened Tutor is in. Also Muddle the Mixture made its way to the list. Crop Rotation is in... gotta get that City of Shadows. Lim-Dul's Vault is also in.


Added some new interaction. Muddle the Mixture, Assassin's Trophy, Dovin's Veto


Exsanguinate is out. In comes Torment of Hailfire.


Im very excited to try out Archmage Ascension


Mage-Ring Network. Its the worst storage land. Fuel for the Cause. Too expensive mana wise. Maze of Ith. This land wasnt very useful in my meta so i decided to cut it Vedalken Orrery. It pains me to part ways with this, but most of my cards are instants so theres no need for it anymore i guess. Wilderness Reclamation. I guess i like Carpet of Flowers more?


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