Mostly Mono-Green Devotion

Credit: Based on a green Devotion build that caught my attention from RIEN VANRAEPENBUSCH'S GREEN DEVOTION at Further winning decklists are Andrew Skrzypczak's at and Fulgence at

Arbor Elf plus Utopia Sprawl is key to some of this deck's fastest starts, and I run Birds of Paradise as well to increase the likelihood of having a turn-1 mana accelerator. Late game plays with Kessig Wolf Run means that these early drops can still be threats later on. The inclusion of Steel Leaf Champion helps this version of the deck get early board presence and pump up your devotion count. Newcomer Llanowar Tribe is a powerhouse that can power out turn3 Primeval Titan. Be aware of what you want to name with the Utopia Sprawl, as you often need extra green early in game1 but after sideboarding red cards you may want red in game2 and game3.

Primeval Titan usually finds a Nykthos if you don't already have one, plus Kessig Wolf Run to overrun your opponents. If you've already got Nykthos, you can search up a Stomping Ground to activate the Wolf Run. The only big win-con tutor-targets I run maindeck are Craterhoof Behemoth and Hornet Queen to either overrun my opponents or keep attackers at bay. Often I will side these out for more match-up specific pieces like Ruric Thar, the Unbowed. In a control or combo-heavy meta, it is probably correct to put Ruric Thar, the Unbowed in the mainboard, possibly in the Acidic Slime slot.

Other Versions

There are a large number of flex slots available to the Green Devotion list, depending on whether you want to play a grindy game, aggro, combo or anywhere in between. A control variant with Trinisphere and Mwonvuli Acid-Moss is also becoming an alternative version of Devotion these days.

Leyline of Abundance builds are picking up in popularity. Christopher Gooch posted a high SCG finish with his take:

I'll be building a Leyline version and taking in to my LGS soon. My list can be found at

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Updates Add

Had 8 people show tonight. We played 3 rounds. I went 2-1.

Round One: 0-2 vs Jund

Games one and two went as expected, he had too much discard and removal for me to fight through his Goyfs and planeswalkers.

Sb: 3x Blood Moon 2x Dismember 1x Scavenging Ooze

Round Two: 2-1 vs Revolt Zoo

W G1: I landed some big threats and halted his attack.

L G2: He had a very swift opening and cut through me.

W G3: I stonewalled his somewhat slower opening and pushed a Garruk Ult. Won a turn later.

Sb: 3 Blood Moon

Round Three: 2-1 vs Jund

L G1: He grinded the game out and I ran out of resources.

W G2: I had a very speed 3x Steel Leaf Champion opening that ended the game in my favor.

G3: Long grindy game that I was able to resolve a Vivien ult to fetch Craterhoof and put a big dent in his plan. He died two turns later.

Sb: 2 Veil of Summer 3 Blood Moon 2 Dismember no Scavening Ooze this time.

Genesis Hydra did better than last week but I'm still not impressed. I'm usually only casting it for x=3 or 4, and it still dies to bolt or Fatal Push. Veil of Summer and Dismember pulled their weight tonight. Still never drew a Blood Moon tho I did shuffle them away with Oath of Nissa and Once Upon a Time.


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