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Welcome one, welcome all to one of my personal favorite decks! We are the few, the proud, the Allies!

This deck is a personal favorite of mine, and is a callback to the first deck I ever built (Standard RG Allies, way back when I started in original Zendikar). Naturally, once I discovered EDH, I did my best to translate it over. This is an updated (and drastically improved) version of that deck!

There are a few possible ways to win with this deck. It's very much an accumulated value deck, as the more Allies you generate, the more value you get, and we want to do all sorts of flickering and flashing shenanigans to generate repeated effects (not to mention causing all kinds of crazy combos).

Win Method #1: Beatdown! Our lovely Allies have plenty of combat-tricks-on-a-stick, so they can do a surprisingly decent amount of evasive damage. This is not actually the main point of the deck, however, as I thought I'd go for a more interesting route than focusing on combat.

Win Method #2: C-C-C-Combo! Of course there are silly combos here! They even get as brutal as Conspiracy + Turntimber Ranger , which creates infinite triggers, infinite wolves, and infinite deadness if Hagra Diabolist is on the field.

Win Method #3: Accumulated Value! Here is where the deck really shines, trying to get as many as seven or eight ally ETB triggers in a single turn and erasing someone's hand with Bala Ged Thief or draining life with Hagra Diabolist or even milling them out with Halimar Excavator. Cards like Lurking Predators and Vedalken Orrery allow us to turn our allies into, essentially, combat tricks that we can use whenever to slowly edge our opponents out of the game through value both incrementally and in big swingy turns with cards like Eerie Interlude.

I hope this deck looks cool to some folks! I personally think it's really fun. As always, any comments or suggestions are much appreciated. My main goal is to have fun, but that doesn't mean I'm not tuning and updating this deck to keep it strong, so please share any advice you might have!

P.S. Don't worry about the mana base, it's definitely not accurate. I'll update it with my actual base soon.


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