This is an upgraded version of Feline Ferocity. The core strategy of the deck is to be aggressive with Arahbo, Roar of the World's ability to double damage. To make this effective, we want 1) a cat, 2) a way to increase its power, 3) a way to grant double strike. If we can get a creature to have 10 power, we can quadruple it to be in range to take out a player with a single attack.

Arahbo will grant +3/+3 so we only need about +6/+6 in the worst case to be in lethal range for starting life totals. We plan to use equipment as the primary means to increase damage. This deck plays like a voltron deck where the commander is not the primary attacker. Generally, we need at least a couple equipment cards on the board to be very threatening. About half of them grant double strike and the other half give modest bonuses to power and toughness. Landfall is a secondary method to reach the needed power increase.

The secondary part of the deck is meant to augment and synergize with this strategy. Since double strike is so prevalent, there are multiple effects that care about dealing combat damage. Due to the two phases of combat damage, these effects happen twice. The high damage numbers that the deck can generate are used to generate card advantage through effects like Hunter's Prowess and Hunter's Insight. We are also able to make good use of lifelink to keep a high life total. This enables cards like Felidar Sovereign, Well of Lost Dreams, and Ajani's Pridemate.

The remaining pieces are mainly cards focused on ramping, opponent interaction, or additional ways to generate card advantage. The lands are focused on ways to trigger landfall.

Ultimately, this is an aggressive, voltron-y tribal deck that can get to absurd damage levels quite quickly if left alone for a turn or two.


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